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Rampage: Capital Punishment

Say the name Uwe Boll to most movie critics, and they will feel sick. As long as i can remember, each motion picture he directed, or produced, have been panned by almost every film critic. Is there a reason why ? Yes, he makes films om very limited budgets, with actors most people never heard of. I actually have about 10 dvd´s from Uwe Boll in my movie collection, because i love B films, and i love cheesy dialogue. If you have not seen his movie adaption of the video game Far Cry, you simply have to see it. It might actually help you appreciate life even more. ven if there are films that Uwe Boll made, that i did not enjoy as much as Far Cry, or Bloodrayne, there is one film that actually changed people´s opinions about him as a director. In 2009, he released a film called Rampage, about a man who is sick of the system, of how the government is using people, that the world is over populated. He choose to fight back, killing people on the streets. The film was actually good for being an Uwe Boll film, much better directed, and a better plot than most of his films. It was fun to read some film critics giving Uwe Boll positive reviews for Rampage, because that would never happen in his earlier films. I think Rampage have an important message, that anyone disturbed enough, could decide to kill people, and follow his vision. We have already seen what some people are capable of, school massacres, kindergarten shootings, murders of old people, the list goes on. Rampage showed us what could happen, and we all know the shootings will never stop, unless we do something about this. Uwe Boll have made sequels of many of his own films, but when i heard Rampage 2 is coming out i actually got excited. The first film actually had something important to say, so does this sequel follow in the same positive steps as the first film, or is this a sequel we will soon have forgotten ?

Bill Williamson ( Brendan Fletcher ) have stayed hidden for years, since he killed hundreds of people in a massacre. Even if he survived, he is not finished with his mission. This time he want more people to hear his message, so he decide to take hostages in a tv network. News anchor man Chip Parker ( Lochlyn Munro ) is taken hostage, along with his co workers. Bill want Chip to arrange a live broadcast, so Bill can tell the world on camera what he feels, and think about society. Police barricade the building, as they need to get the hostage out, and make sure no more people are killed. Bill have everything planned, and is not going to let anyone stop him from delivering his message to the world.

If you are not a fan of Uwe Boll, you might as well stop reading here. But if you did enjoy Rampage, this sequel could possibly please you. The fact is that you should see the first film, to understand the premise, since this sequel picks up what happened since last time. One difference in this sequel, is that i get a feeling Uwe Boll have tried to get deeper into the disturbed mind of Bill Williamson. There is plenty of violence, like in the first film, but somehow the action scenes have improved. Usually sequels to a good film is hard to make, in most cases many of them fail. However, Rampage: Capital Punishment manage to deliver, both as an action film, but also the message of how disturbed some people are. I can agree that socíety is wrong, and that government use people for their own advantage, but killing people is not the answer. Just like the first film, this shows how vulnerable we can be, if someone decide to clean up, to make the world a better Place. From a story perspective, there is not a lot of changes made, we simply get what we would expect. Still, as a sequel i would still say that this is a good one, as the story follow the previous film in a good way. Lead actor Brendan Fletcher make his character Bill Williamson look mentally unstable, and that is not easy to do as an actor. He tries to show us how one person can cause so much damage, even if he is on his own. Some of the messages that come across, about how rich people control everything, including us ordinary workers feels realistic. The fact is that we are being used, for their own purposes. Uwe Boll is also in this film, acting as a producer for a news anchor personality. He does not really help the film, but the final result is that this is a good sequel. In a movie industry where everything is driven by money and box office numbers, we need directors like Uwe Boll to keep making his films. Rampage: Capital Punishment may not give us something different, but the message is clear, and that makes it all worth watching. Politicians should maybe take a look, and have something to think about.

Rating: DDD

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