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Every year there are tons of films released. And i always try to look for something original, and interesting. Usually, you find something interesting within independent film releases. Since a lot of big budget films usually lacks of original stories, i prefer to turn to independent films. Not all of them are good of course, but most interesting films have something to offer. There are of course tons of titles to choose between, if we are talking about really good independent films. One of my personal favourite ones from recent years, has to be Nebraska from director Alexander Payne. The wondeful story of old man Woody ( played brilliant by legendary actor Bruce Dern ), who believe he won a lottery and need to get his money in Nebraska. This film is both funny, very dramatic, and with really beautiful cinematography by Phedon Papamichael. The film really managed to capture the feeling of how important it is to follow our dreams, even if they seem impossible. I suggest that you go online and buy Nebraska on blu ray, you have never seen actor Bruce Dern as good as he is in this film. A lot of actors from Hollywood have tried to head into smaller films, and in many cases it turns out to be a really good choice. Just look at Brokeback Mountain with Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger ( both of them doing splendid performances ) from critically acclaimed director Ang Lee. A really strong film, made on a budget of only 14 million dollars, but proved why smaller films sometimes work better than big budget releases. This film also had actor Anne Hathaway on board. She also did a wonderful performance in Brokeback Mountain. Let´s talk about Anne for a while. She started out with the fluffy, girl film The Princess Diary back in 2001. At that time, i did see the film, but can´t say it was that good. So to see her develop her acting level, and land a role in a much better film, such as Brokeback Mountain, proves that anything is possible. Anne continued making some good films, including Rachel Getting Married and Interstellar. In the beginning of 2017 i was reading about a new film coming out this year called Colossal, with Anne Hathaway. As i watched the trailer, i could tell this was going to be something special. This film looked unique, and i just had to see it. Is this one of the most original films of 2017, or is this a film that failed to deliver something interesting ?

Gloria ( Anne Hathaway ) is an unemployed writer, struggling with alcohol problems. Her bad behavior, and her selfish attitude, is too much for her boyfriend Tim ( Dan Stevens ) too handle. So he kicks her out, and break up with her. Gloria is forced to move back to her hometown, to try and start all over again. She reunite with her childhood friend Oscar ( Jason Suedikis ), who have taken over his father´s bar. Oscar helps Gloria with her apartment, get her furniture and other things for her new home. He even help her get a job at his bar, but that does not help her, considering her alcohol problems. Still, they decide to have a night out, when Gloria passes out on a park bench. As she wakes up in this park, she does not know that this park will change her life. Within a certain area of this park, she is in control of a giant reptilian kaiju in Seoul, South Korea, that is seen on tv worldwide. At first Gloria does not understand why she is connected to this reptilian kaiju, but the park area seems to be holding some answers. 

There is no doubt that Colossal is one of the most odd films released this year. I can´t really say i have seen anything like this film, because the mix of genres are unique. Imagine a Pacific Rim film, mixed with 28 Days with Sandra Bullock, and throw in some Donnie Darko vibes in there, and you have something that might look like Colossal. I don´t honestly know what category i should place this film in, but it does not matter. I like to see a film that stands out, and don´t try to follow any trends. This film moves in all kinds of directions. This is the kind of film that some people, will probably hate. People, who don´t enjoy odd films will most likely stop watching after a while. I do believe that this is a film, for quality film audiences. Those people who prefer to see smaller films, because they don´t enjoy seeing another big budget box office release. One of the most positive surprises is how great the characters are in this film. In some ways they look just like ordinary people, but obviously they have something secret hidden within them. And once you get to find out more about their background, you can understand why they have a lot of issues from the past. It is so nice to see actor Anne Hathaway in one of the best performances she have done in years, as the alcoholic Gloria. Her character have lost hope, and lives day by day, with the help of alcohol. But the odd change, that change the film completely later on, makes her character become more interesting. I really enjoy the fact that Colossal completely changes tone later in the film, and mix in some really unexpected turns. I am not going to give away any details, but if you love a film that does not follow a certain pattern, then i think you might be happy with Colossal. Director Nacho Vigalondo, have directed several films in the past, and one of them that you might have seen is Open Windows with Elijah Wood. Not a unique film in any way, but watchable. However, i will say this. Colossal is the best film i have seen from director Nacho Vigalondo. He really stepped it up with this film, to a new level of quality. He nails great characters, and have a pretty solid story also. And i am happy to say that actor Jason Suedikis also does one of his best performances in his career. I seriously doubt you will see any film like Colossal this year, this is one of those films you won´t forget, because it is odd as hell. And this is why i enjoy this film so much, there is so much intelligence behind this story. Colossal makes you entertained, but this film also makes you think, about making choices in life. Make sure to see Colossal this summer, you won´t regret that you did choose to see this film.

Rating: DDDD

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