tisdag 27 juni 2017

R.I.P Michael Nyqvist

Late yesterday night i found out that legendary Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist have passed away. Only 56 years old, but he made such an impact for his magical screen presence. He was good in many different films, and could do characters feel interesting. One film that i think many of us will remember Michael Nyqvist from, was the first film The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo on the massive successfull Millenium series. I also remember his powerful performance in the film The Black Pimpernel. Nyqvist made his name heard in Hollywood, where he have been praised for his performances in John Wick and Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol. I know there are a couple of films coming out that Nyqvist finished before he passed away. We will all miss him dearly, and remember all his wonderful performances, both in Scandinavian films as well as international films.

Rest in peace Micke 

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