onsdag 19 juli 2017

Transformers: The Last Knight

I am pretty sure that the world would not exist, if we did not have movies made by director Michael Bay. It is like he makes this world so perfect, in almost everything he does. The man who have given us action classics like Bad Boys, The Rock and Armageddon. Michael Bay is no ordinary man. He knows what the world needs, and he knows why his films change million of peoples lives. I am pretty sure that if you would write the following words on google:- Who is the only real man on planet earth ?, you would get the answer to be:- Michael Bay. Since the 90´s, it seems that he knows what his passion is, make action films with so much action, it will make fruity boys hide in fear. Personally, my favourite film by director Michael Bay is still to this day The Rock. It is fast, loud, well made, but most of all, i really enjoy the characters of the film was well. Since then, director Michael Bay have pumped out several films over the years, and only in the action category. I seriously doubt that we will ever see Michael Bay do a completely different genre film. Because he knows, he is supposed to make action films. Every film that he have directed is of course not really good, but he did surprise me with the film The Island. A surprisingly intelligent science fiction action film, about a group of people, living in a very strict society, hoping to get to travel to a paradise called The Island. Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson both did great performances, and it was nice to see legendary actor Steve Buscemi do a wacky character. But in 2007, Bay took a completely different turn, making a film, based on the cartoon characters Transformers. It was actually pretty good. Not anything unique in any way, just pure action entertainment. Of course he had to make some more sequels, so we got 3 more. Some of them are ok, but then things turned around to the wrong direction. As i did not enjoy the 4th one, as much as the earlier films, i was not very excited to hear that Michael Bay would return with a 5th film. Could he really make a good film again, after making some mistakes during the way ? As the trailer was released, i noticed that the story of the film have changed, to a much more epic scale. And i also noticed Sir Anthony Hopkins would be a part of the film. I got a chance to see the film this week in cinema with family. Is this ( final ? ) Transformers film the best sequel ever, or is this so bad you never want to see a Michael Bay film ever again ?

In 484 AD, King Arthur´s ( Liam Garrigan ) wizard Merlin ( Stanley Tucci ) forges an alliance with the Knights of Iacon, a group of twelve Transformers who have hidden on Earth. The Knights give Merlin an alien staff, that have great powers. In the wrong hands, this alien staff could destroy Earth. Merlin defeat the Saxons with the help of a huge mechanical dragon. In present day, most of the governments on Earth, have declared Transformers outlawed. The multinational Transformer Reaction Force ( TRF ) has been formed to destroy all robots. Optimus Prime is no longer on Earth anymore, as he keeps searching for his creator. Back on Earth, new Transformers continue to arrive. TRF discover the location of some of these Transformers in a Chicago area, as they head out to destroy them. Izabella ( Isabela Moner ), a survivor of the Battle of Chicago, manage to save 3 kids as TRF attacks. Her best friend, Transformer Canopy is killed. Inventor Cade Yager ( Mark Wahlberg ) arrives to help the kids out, including Izabelle. He can´t help another dying Transformer, stuck inside a ship. But he is given a metallic talisman to Cade. It seems that this talisman is somehow connected to the Knights of Iacon. Optimus Prime finds out, that Transformers home world " Cybertron ", is heading towards Earth. He meets the sorceress Quintessa, who claims to be maker of Transformers. She takes control over Optimus Prime, to use him against his own army of Transformers on Earth. While being attacked by both TRF and the Decepticons, Cade and the children escape the junkyard where Cade tries to help Tranformers with reperations.  Cybertron know about the metallic talisman. Cade and the gang is approached by the Transformer Cogman, who want them all to go to England. Here they will find out more about why there is a connection to the metallic talisman, and why Cade have been chosen. Sir Edmund Burton ( Anthony Hopkins ) is behind this gathering, and have also invited Viviane Wembly ( Laura Haddock ). Together they must find the alien staff, before someone else manage to find it.

When you go in to the final chapter of Transformers, directed one last time with Michael Bay, you know what you are going to get. You get a story that is made through the eyes of a young boys mind, stuck inside an adult man who wants to make adrenaline action films. Did you ever think you would see Wizard Merlin talking to a robot, while watching a great battle between knights and robots ? Well, this is Michael Bay we are talking about, so we know that he can do anything. I have to start and say that my expectations of this film was not very high. Last time i saw Transformers Age Of Extinction in a theatre, i felt that it was time to end this franchise. That film was almost 3 hours long, and had so much action scenes, your head was about to pop into a million pieces. So when we return to the world of Transformers this time, i can tell that director Michael Bay have chosen a more comedy theme, mixing it up with his usual spectacular action scenes. Some of the comedy scenes are actually pretty funny ( not all of the scenes ), but i do enjoy the scenes with British Transformer butler Cogman. His style, and comedy timing is one of the highlights of this film. I also enjoy to see Sir Anthony Hopkins as the astronomer and historian Sir Edmund Burton. His charismatic screen presence is needed in a film like this, where most characters feel very predictable. Laura Haddock is also a nice surprise as Viviane Wembly, a tough professor of English Literature. Let´s not forget Merlin, played by actor Stanley Tucci. Who would ever think to see legendary Wizard Merlin as a drunk man ? A pretty funny idea, nice to see someone dare to make an unexpected change. Mark Wahlberg is pretty much the same as last time, no big surprises there. The film itself is what you might expect, filled with massive fighting scenes between robots, and a lot of big guns. If you can bare with this, and realise that Michael Bay will never change his style ( unless he decides to do a remake of Pretty Woman, without Richard Gere ), then you might actually enjoy some popcorn fun action. Is this a intelligent film? No, but that`s the whole point with Transformers. This is supposed to be a dumb action film, made for us who just want pure action, and don´t care about flower gardens, or what curtains you should have for Easter. Transformers: The Last Knight is the kind of summer film, that will give men all the knowledge they need to understand what life is all about, and ladies want to get inside the pants of Mark Wahlberg. You also get to see plenty of robots fighting, lots of CGI, and the typical Michael Bay colorful look of his world. If you love Transformers, then you´re going to enjoy this one. Just unplug your brain cells, and let Michael Bay fill your heart with passion. 

Rating: DDD

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