onsdag 12 juli 2017

Wonder Woman

Marvel Studios is pumping out films based on their comic book characters every year. And i have to say, they sure knows how to make some really good films. No matter what films you enjoy most, The Avengers, Captain America, Thor, Ant-Man, there is something for every comic book fan out there. One of my personal favourite Marvel films lately, has to be Captain America : Civil War. I watched this film in a IMAX cinema, and loved the action scenes so much. Very well made film, with some really good acting as well. The best of the Captain America films, so far. While Marvel Studios have clearly proved how good they are at making films out of comic books, we also have DC Comics that have had comic book characters, made into film adaptations. DC Entertainment was involved with the film adaptation of Watchmen ( a really great action film, based on comic book characters ). They were also involved in the film adaptation of Jonah Hex ( anyone remember this film with Josh Brolin ? ) Of course, it turned out that Jonah Hex was a box office disaster. At least DC Comics got some good money through Christopher Nolan´s Batman films, and very good reviews as well. Let´s not forget Man Of Steel, where actor Henry Cavill became the new Clark Kent. I actually don´t think that this Superman film is that bad, considering the last time we saw a a really good one was Superman 2 with Christopher Reeve. I did read that Henry Cavill will return in another Superman film, so that will be interesting. When we all got the news about Suicide Squad, based on the DC Comic characters, was going to be made as a film, i actually was excited. The hype for Suicide Squad grew really big, and i actually saw the film on the premiere week ( that does not happen very often for me ). I do wish that Suicide Squad could have been better, because i liked many of the characters. It was very clear that actor Margot Robbie stole the show, as the character Harley Quinn. If you love the comic books of Suicide Squad, i think you should see the film. And you can get your own opinion, if director David Ayer did a good job bringing Suicide Squad to a film adaptation. Remember Superman V Batman: Dawn Of Justice ? This film became very controversial comic book film after the release. Some people hated the film, while some loved it. I personally felt disappointed, considering it was a really cool idea bringing both Batman and Superman fighting against each other. This is where we were introduced to Wonder Woman ( played by actor Gal Gadot ). I could tell that she was a good choice for the role. I found out later that Wonder Woman is getting her own film. As the trailer finally landed, i could tell that this could be something interesting. Could this be one of the best DC Comic films so far, or should DC Comics characters throw in the towel and let Marvel Studios make comic book film adaptations instead ?

Diana Prince is a young girl, living on the island of Themyscira. This island is the home of the Amazon race of warrior women, created by the gods of Mount Olympus to protect human kind. Diana wants to learn to become a fighter, but her mother Queen Hippolyta ( Connie Nielsen ) do not want Diana to train, so she forbids Diana to learn how to fight. However, Diana´s aunt General Antiope ( Robin Wright ) decides to help Diana train in secret. Diana´s mother Hippolyta discover that Diana is training, and is furious. But General Antiope convince Hippolyta to let her keep on training, so she can defend herself. Hippolyta finally agrees, but only if she trains Diana to become their strongest warrior. As the years pass by, in the year 1918, Diana ( Gal Gadot ) is now a young woman, who have become an outstanding warrior. One day she sees a plane crash into the ocean, as she dives in to save a pilot named Captain Steve Trevor ( Chris Pine ). It seems that withing a certain distance, is a portal to the human world where Steve comes from. But the Germans have found their way in to the portal, and head towards the island of Themyscira. The Amazon Warriors kill all the German sailors, but General Antiope sacrifices herself, jumping in front of Diana, as a bullet was meant to kill her. Captain Steve Trevor is interrogated with the Lasso Of Hestia. He reveals that " The War To End All Wars " is raging in the outside world. He is an Allied spy who stole a notebook, that contain valuable information from the Spanish chief chemist Isabel Maru ( Elena Anaya ). Isabel is attempting to engineer a deadlier form of mustard gas under the orders of General Erich Ludendorff ( Danny Huston ). Diana believe that Ares, the god of war, is responsible for this war, so she arms herself and go with Steve to London. Diana tries to warn Supreme War Council, that the Germans plans to release the deadly gas at the war front. To prevent this from happening, a group of men is gathered by Steve to stop this from happening. Sir Patrick Morgan ( David Thewlis ) helps the team with funding. Is the god of war Ares behind all of this, or could Diana be mistaken ?

I know a lot of people have been skeptical about Wonder Woman, considering DC Entertainment is involved of this film. Maybe because a lot of people had different opinions on Suicide Squad, and speculations were that fans of DC Comics was worried Wonder Woman would not get a worthy film adaptation. I am happy to say, this film adaptation is better then i expected. Not only is the main character Wonder Woman really cool on screen, the action scenes are very well made. Now, to make a character like Wonder Woman, become a strong female role model on screen, you need an actor to pull this through. And let me tell you, actor Gal Gadot fits perfect for this role. Not only does she impress us with her physical fights, she also manage to deliver quality acting. Chris Pine ( who have done some good performances in the past ), match really good in this film with Gal Gadot. The story how it all started, is put together in a very elegant way. You do get to find out about the background of the young girl Diana, before she becomes Wonder Woman. There are a couple scenes where the comedy level actually works, especially in the scenes where Diana ask Chris Pine talk about human behavior. The setting of the film, that takes place during World War I, looks really good. You can tell they tried to capture the time setting, and the costumes also seems to fit for this time in history ( except for Gal Gadot´s warrior suit of course, but this makes the film more fun to watch ). The beginning of the film on the island Themyscira, give the film a great introduction, how Diana was raised to become the strongest female Amazon warrior. Director Patty Jenkins made one of the best drama films of the year 2003, with the film Monster. Charlize Theron is simply brilliant as serial killer Aileen Wuornos, and the film really digged deep into the mind of her insanity. Wonder Woman is of course a completely different film, but it is very clear that director Patty Jenkins knows exactly how to portrait Wonder Woman on screen. We need a strong female character in today´s society, so the timing is perfect. I think Patty did the right thing, giving the main character some heavy physical action scenes. In all honesty we want to see Wonder Woman kick ass, and she does, trust me. The dialogue works well, and the cinematography also looks good. I have to mention David Thewlis as Sir Patrick Morgan. This legendary actor knows exactly how to bring a magical performance on screen. Wonder Woman is without a doubt one of the best films that is brought to us by DC Entertainment. If you love DC Comics, then you have to see this film. You have a bit of everything here, and the entertainment value is very high. I just know we will see Gal Gadot in a sequel, and i am already looking forward to see her kick ass again. Make sure to see Wonder Woman in a cinema this summer, you won´t regret buying a ticket.

Rating: DDDD

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