torsdag 7 mars 2019

My Next Choice For My Segment, Is It Really That Bad ?

Cheers everyone!

I hope you are all having a great week, with family and friends and hopefully enjoyed a good movie. For those of you who read my new segment of Is It Really That Bad ? with a review of Wild Things 2, might remember that i choosed a title that was not very popular among movie critics. Now, i decided to stay within the same year 2004, since i found a movie that i have not seen and i saw that critics are not happy about this film. This is a film that is called Dracula 3000, and stars actors Casper Van Dien, Erika Eliniak and hip hop artist ( actor ) Coolio. I am surprised myself that i have not seen this one, since i have seen a lot of Dracula movies, but maybe i did not really care. So i read a little bit about the film, and it seems that Count Dracula in on board a spaceship with Coolio ? Wow, this has to be fantastic...

This review will most likely be published in April, since i have some more reviews this month to finish and publish, but i know you can´t wait to read my next segement Review of Is It Really That Bad ? with the film Dracula 3000. Thank you everyone for Reading my reviews and for all the positive feedback, i really appreciate it. And i have new reviews coming soon, so stay tuned for more fun.

Cheers from Daniel

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