lördag 9 mars 2019

Will I Review The New Mötley Crue Movie On Netflix ?

Cheers everyone!

Daniel here, the most beautiful movie review critic in the history of Sweden. Really ? Yes. So i was asked last week by one of my movie review readers, will you write a review of the new Mötley Crue movie on Netflix ? My answer is of course :- Yes i will. I did see the trailer when it was released, so it does look interesting. I will try and watch the movie right after the premiere, and write a review before the month ends. I still have a couple ones left to finish. By the way, if you want to have a good laugh, check out a classic clip of David Manning talking about Starbucks coffee. Its one of those moments where everything feels fantastic. Here is a link to the video. 


New movie reviews are on the way, have a great weekend and see you soon.

Cheers from Daniel

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