tisdag 2 juli 2019


B action movies, what would my life be without them ? Probably pretty boring, since my childhood needed to see grenade launchers blow up terrorists, ninjas chopping soldiers and hot women with big guns. I learned more about how life works here, than in Math class with my teacher Kjell ( nice guy but one hell of a boring teacher ). I have seen so many B action movies over 35 years, that i am happy to say they helped me become the romantic man i am today. For example, i know that the sexiest thing you can do while taking your wife / girlfriend out, is to dress up as Michael Dudikoff army outfit from American Ninja. Why ? Because you can´t get any sexier than that. Michael Dudikoff´s character Joe Armstrong in 80´s classic American Ninja is what makes marriages survive. The B action movies have survived, thanks to a handful of actors such as Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, Michael Jai White and Scott Adkins of course. Let´s talk about British actor Scott Adkins for a while. This guy have made a lot of really good action films over a long period of time, and i would like to talk about 2 films that i especially enjoy. Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear is a sequel to the 2009 film known as Ninja. This sequel directed by Isaac Florentine have some of the best martial art fight scenes i have seen in a long time. Adkins really proves why he is one of the best, making an outstanding performance with some really hard hitting action scenes. The next film i should mention is Accident Man. A fun British action thriller, where Adkins is wonderful as an assassin. This film is filled with great action scenes and very well made fight scenes, and some funny comedy moments as well. I really hope we get a sequel on Accident Man. I try and see almost every Adkins film, and actually buy his film to support the work he does to keep the B movie action film insdustry alive. So i had to pick up a copy of his film Avengement on DVD in the UK. Is this another Adkins hightlight, or is he running out of ideas ?

Cain Burgess ( Scott Adkins ) have had a very rough life. After being brutally beaten in prison, and treated like shit by police, Cain is ready to revenge the ones who destroyed his life. One day he shows up at a bar, where some different people he knows hangs out, he have the chance to have his voice heard. Cain went to prison because of a job he did for his brother Lincoln Burgess ( Craig Fairbrass ), and he is ready to confront him, and his criminal friends. You can´t change the past, but Cain is about to deal with the past in his own personal way.

If you have been looking for a rough, brutal action film with both a sense of humour and realy well made fight scenes, then Avengement will most likely please you. This is how the 1999 film Notting Hill with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant should have looked like. Avengement is a brutal potrait of a criminal´s life, both behind prison but also after he gets out. I have to say, this is the best acting performance i have seen from Scott Adkins recently, and it really feels like he wanted to give his character Cain Burgess a very dark personality. Adkins both deliver dialogue very effective, and a very good physical performance as well with lots of violence. But we have more characters we have to mention. Actor Craig Fairbrass ( who i especially remember from the British action horror film Devil´s Playground ) as Cain´s brother Lincoln. You can tell in certain scenes that there is a lot of emotional pain going on between these brothers. Thomas Turgoose ( who most people remember from the classic British drama film This Is England ) is the cocky character Tune, and i really enjoy seeing Thomas doing a character like this. Leo Gregory ( who i especially remember from the British drama film Hooligans, a must see ) as the character Mo, is exactly the kind of guy you want as a guest at your wedding, pissed off and not afraid to speak out. There are more great characters here but let´s talk about why this film works from an action perspective. The fight scenes are really brutal, and you can feel every punch hitting each person. So to the sound effects crew. a very good job indeed. Adkins fight scenes are always good of course, and he really knows how to put up a real show, so you don´t have to watch The X Factor. Avengement may not bring anything new to the table but is an effective action film, especially for Adkins fans. Support this film as i did and buy a copy, we need films like Avengement to be made, to make sure our world will be more beautiful in harmony.

Rating: DDD

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