måndag 29 juli 2019

Why You Should See Her Smell Instead Of The New The Lion King !

Cheers everyone!

Daniel here, the amazing movie review critic from Sweden. I am back to give you a very important update, before i publish my last review for this month.

I saw The Lion King in cinema, and for some reason people applauded when the film ended. My first thought was, why ? Don´t get me wrong, it is not a horrible movie, but this is not a masterpiece in any way. I just don´t enjoy this film as much as some of you people do, so i won´t review this film. Instead, i want to give you a better advice, what you should be seeing instead of The Lion King. You should be ordering a DVD copy of independent drama film Her Smell, from director Alex Ross Perry. A really powerful film, with an absolutely brilliant performance from lead actress Elisabeth Moss as the punk band singer Becky Something.

Now this is a damn good film, a lot better than The Lion King ( my opinion, i know some might not agree and that´s ok ). So if you want a really good film you should be watching Her Smell instead, and i guarantee you will be emotionally touched. So go online and order a DVD of Her Smell, and you will support quality independent films as well. Take care and have a good week, and i will see you soon with the last review of this month.

Cheers from Daniel

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