torsdag 19 september 2019

Angel Has Fallen

If you would ask any lady, in any country in this world, what man would they want ? I know, you might think it is Chris Hemsworth. No, the truth is that Gerard Butler is Number 1. How do i know ? It is very easy, every time i mention the name Gerard Butler, every woman so far have responded the same way. They go crazy, looking for him everywhere, climb mountains, climb trees, just in case they can have their dream man Gerard. So what is it that made Gerard Butler the most wanted man on Earth ? I belive i know when that happened. In the year of 2009, he was in the romantic comedy The Ugly Truth with actress Katherine Heigl. This was a pretty descent box office success, and pulled in over 200 million dollars. So when all the ladies went to see this film, they were shocked. Because Gerard was telling Katherine Heigl how men are and how they think, exactly what all women wanted to hear. This is where the magical journey started for Gerard to become the most wanted man between women. Most people probably remember him from the epic action movie 300, directed by Zack Snyder. But i have to say my best memory of his film catalogue is the 2009 thriller Law Abiding Citizen. Directed by F. Gary Gary, this is great action thriller that actually have a good plot. But it was in the 2013 acion thriler film Olympus Has Fallen, where Gerard Butler got a whole new level of fans as Secret Service agent Mike Banning. Directed by Antione Fugua, this film turned out to be a fun action film, with a classic American patriot story. The sequel London Has Fallen had plenty of action, but less of a story. And here we are with a third film called Angel Has Fallen, with Gerard Butler returning as Mike Banning. Is this the best sequel in this franchise, or has this angel fallen way too predictable and is not worth your precious time ?

Secret Service agent Mike Banning ( Gerard Butler ) undergoes training at a military facility owned by his friend Wade Jennings ( Wade Jennings ), a former fellow Armer Ranger and currently the CEO of the paramilitary Company Salient Global. President of the United States, Allan Trumbull ( Morgan Freeman ) have plans to retire Secret Service Director David Gentry ( Lance Reddick ). During a fishing trip, where Mike and his team are keeping the president safe, President Trumbull mention to Mike about his plan to choose a new Secret Service Director, and have Mike in mind. Since Mike is having health issues, they decide to talk about this at another time and President Trumball order Mike to rest. While Mike is on hiw way back to the shore, a drone attack hit his team, and attacking the president as well. Mike manage to get the President into the water. Mike wakes up in a hospital, where he is informed by FBI Agent Helen Thompson ( Jada Pinkett Smith ) that he is suspected of trying to assassinate the President, who is currently lying in a coma at the hospital. Mike knows he has nothing to do with this, and need to get the truth out. He escapes from the hospital, and is now a fugitive on the run. Will Mike be able to prove that he is innocent ?

Since i was disappointed with London Has Fallen, my expectations for this third film were actually higher. And i have to say, this is actually not a bad sequel. First of all we have to talk about the chemistry between Gerard Butler and legendary actor Nick Nolte, who plays Vietnam war veteran Clay Banning. Their scenes together are actually fun, and especially when Clay blow up a whole forest with explosives. Nich Nolte gives one of the best performances in this film, and even if he might be a bit older, he still got that magical cinema touch. Gerard Butler manage to bring his character Mike Banning back in a effective way, and i think this time he actually manage to show a more personal portrait of Mike in this film, than in the previous films. Actor Danny Houston ( who you probably remember from the Classic film 21 Grams, directed by Alejandro González Inárittu ) plays the main evil character Wade Jennings, and i have to say that he is actually better than i expected. Legendary actor Morgan Freeman as President Allan Trumbull is of course another highlight in this film, and you would want him as a president in real Life, since he seems to care about everyone and make reasonable decisions. Now, let´s get into the most positive thing about Angel Has Fallen, other than the characters. Some of the action scenes are actually not bad, especially the drone attacks where people fly all over the place from explosions. I also enjoy the gun battle towards the end, when Mike and his team are protecting the president with lots of bullets flying. Angel Has Fallen have both entertaining action scenes, great characters and some funny scenes as well. Director Ric Roman Waugh ( who directed the powerful film Shot Caller ) have managed to make a worthy sequel to this franchise, and also manage to bring in some positive Changes. If you enjoy the previous films, i guarantee you want to see this sequel on the big screen. I don´t know about you folks, but i want to see Mike Banning return a fourth time. Until then, head down to your local cinema and experience an action film that was made for fans of this genre.

Rating: DDD

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