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Is It Really That Bad? Pyhton

Let´s travel back in time to the year of 2000. At that time i was 23 years old, and i was hooked up completely on the Limp Bizkit album Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water. In all honesty, i still feel that this is a classic Nu Metal album, even if i can admit a lot of the lyrics are awful. But as a party album, there are still songs on this album that still works today. The year of 2000 was also the year when British rock pop band Oasis released their album Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants, an album i picked up at that time. This album flopped in America, only charting at 24th spot. It did better in the UK but still sold less than their previous hit albums. I remember that critics were not so pleased with this album either, and there was a good reason for that. In some ways, Oasis lost some of their power with this album, not delivering that many good songs. The year of 2000 also brought us a lot of films, where i have a lot of films to mention. But let´s especially talk about one movie released this year, that i remember for different reasons. The slasher horror comedy Cherry Falls, was one of those DVD releases i picked up and enjoyed. The film did not get a theatre release in America, but did pretty well in cinemas in the United Kingdom. The cast of this film is interesting, you have a young Brittany Murphy, legendary actor Michael Biehn ( known for his classic performances in The Terminator and Aliens ), actor Michael Weston ( who i especially remember from The Dukes Of Hazzard ). Cherry Falls is a pretty ordinary slasher, but was entertaining because of the characters and the slasher personality. I actually got the Shout! Factory Blu Ray Release of Cherry Falls, have some nice special features. While going through titles for my next choice for my segment Is It Really That Bad ?, i found a title known as Python. This is a film i remember but never saw it when it was released on DVD. Since i enjoy Robert Englund, this is one of the films i have not seen him in so far, and we even have actors Casper Van Dien, and Jenny McCarthy here. Is this a susprisingly good B movie, or is Python worse than the political views of Tomi Lahren ?

A cargo plane crash after being attacked by an enormous python. The snake manage to survive and attack lesbian couple Lisa Johnson ( LoriDawn Messuri ) and Roberta Keeler ( Kathleen Randazzo ). At a swimming hole the next day, John Cooper ( Frayne Rosanoff ), best friend Tommy ( Will Wheaton ) and their girlfriends Kristin ( Dana Barron ) and Theresa ( Saran Mornell ). They find a petburmese python, who they know belong to Lisa. But when her body is found, they realize that something is seriously wrong. The enormous python that escaped from the crashed cargo plane is a threat to everyone, and only Dr. Anton Rudolph ( Robert Englund ), knows how this beast works. This nightmare is about to become even more dangerous…..

If you are a young person today, i can guarantee you will probably not see any entertainment value in Python. However, if you were young when this film came out, you might actually have some fun with Python. This is that kind of film that is so bad, that you can actually laugh at it. Is this a good film ? Not really, but the entertainment value for us who were young around the year 2000 might actually have some fun with this film, both because of the actors and the bad CGI effects. This is the kind of film you want to show at a High School Reunion, if you graduated in the year of 2000, and i know you will fit right in with the humour and the time period ( musically as well ). Let´s get into the characters. We have a very odd mix here of actors, and that is one of the biggest reasons why Python becomes entertaining to watch. Casper Van Dien as the character Bart Parkon ( with a silly mustache for some reason ), looks very serious, and i can´t stop laughing at his performance. Legendary actor Robert Englund as the character Dr. Anton Rudolph is actually one of the best performances of this film, even if you don´t see a lot of him. Robert always knows how to make characters in his own unique way, including in this film. Frayne Ross as John Cooper is not anything special, but when Scott Williams ( who you might remember from Kill Your Darlings ) makes an entrance,  this film picks up on a completely different level. He plays the crazy real estate agent Kenny Summers, and i love his insane personality. His scenes with actress Jenny McCarthy are so entertaining, that you are guarantee in for a good time. Legendary actor Gary Grubbs as Sheriff Griffin Wade is a nice surprise. The python attack scenes are not many, unfortunately, and this is something i would have want in a film like this. But otherwise i feel that this is a fun B movie, because of the odd characters, and the cheesy dialogue. Director Richard Clabaugh have made a film that is bad, but in a positive way, and he manage to make several scenes really funny. With such a crazy cast and a big python attacking, it is hard not to enjoy this film. If you enjoy films in this category, i suggest you give Python a try on DVD. I have a feeling this could be a cult classic.

Rating: DDD

P.S. If you would like to see a 20th Anniversary Blu Ray Release of Python in 2020, check out my petition, as i am trying to get the film released with interviews or a director´s commentary, 20 years later, on this web adress:


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