torsdag 4 juni 2020

Alien Outbreak

Every summer in Sweden, we do what we usually do. We love to become the nordic version of Alabama rednecks, who have moonshine, dance around the grass fields, just like our viking ancestors did ( at least we like to think so ). Especially during Swedish midsummer, when the moonshine helps us become better at everything. We become better at running, and we also look better naked. Don´t ask me why, this is just the way it is, Swedish midsummer style. But there is one more important detail that Swedish people need every summer, and that is alien invasion films. Swedes love to see the people of Earth battle against aliens, and this has been a summer tradition for us since we first saw the sci fi horror film Critters in 1986. If you have not seen Critters, then you should check it out. This is a fun alien horror comedy film with flesh eating creatures known as Critters, who lands on Earth in the countryside and start attacking small town citizens. This film has fun characters, cheesy dialogue and pretty fun practical effects as well. One important detail about Critters, is that this film is the directorial debut film for director Stephen Herek, who went on making films such as Holy Man with Eddie Murphy ( a film that makes fun of TV shopping, and have a few funny scenes ). The sequel Critters 2: The Main Course may be the best film in this franchise, that have some really crazy scenes. Let´s not get into Critters 3 or 4, for a good reason. If you have been to England, you know they have a lot of beautiful locations to visit. I have only been to a few locations so far, but i especially think that the cozy small towns are charming.So what if a small British community was invaded by aliens, could they handle this on their own ? This is the basic plot of the film Alien Outbreak, that i picked up on DVD from America ( it is coming out in July on DVD in the UK ). Is this the perfect alien invasion film for this summer, or should you pick up Critters on DVD or Blu Ray instead ?

Sgt Zoe Norris ( Katherine Drake ) and Constable Patrick ( Ritchie Crane ) works in a small rural community. When some people suddenly kill themselves for some unkown reason, Sgt Zoe is shocked to see that this may be because an alien invasion that their community is about to experience. With no help from the outside world, Sgt Zoe and Patrick are forced to try and fight back against these unknown visitors, with the help of their small community.

Going into Alien Outbreak without knowing very little about the cast or the director of this film, i have to say that i am a little bit surprised. This film was made on a very limited budget, but the design of the aliens is actually pretty impressive, considering the budget. The aliens looks like some kind of robot, combined with a insect looking design, as if they were inspired by old sci fi films from the 50´s or 60´s. I actually appreciate this design, since it does not loke like a traditional alien that we are used to see. But that´s not all. We also have other aliens here as well, especially the big tall ones, looking like being inspired from the Silent Hill games. They are actually quite effective, who may not do much, but the design feels interesting. One of the things that Alien Outbreak manage to do as well, is bring us a good lead female character. The character Sgt Zoe Norris, played by actress Kathrine Drake, is a great match for a story like this, a woman who takes her job seriously, but has a good heart as well. Katherine manage to balance this performance, that she give her character a realistic portrait. I also enjoy the performance of actor Michael Terry, who plays the old man Dale. I actually think that Michael brings one of the better acting performances in this film, from the male cast. When it comes to acting from the rest of the cast, it feels very divided. Some of the characters you won´t really feel interested in, since they are only in the film in a few scenes. As a sci fi film, Alien Outbreak is surprisingly good for such a low budget, and this film actually manage to make an alien invasion work with the location of the British countryside. Director Neil Rowe ( who directed the 2015 sci film Robot World, that i have not seen ) have made a good decision to make an alien film that reminds us of sci fi films of the 60´s, and he clearly have been inspired by films from the past. If you are a fan of films in this genre, then i suggest you pick up Alien Outbreak on DVD this summer, and have a fun time with family. After all, nothing works better at a family barbecue, than enjoying an alien invasion together.

Rating: DDD

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