tisdag 30 juni 2020

Collision Earth

When ever i hear the name Eric Roberts, i can´t help feeling a nostalgic emotion in my heart. Especially when i think of the 80´s and the films he did back then. My first experience with Eric Roberts was the 1985 cult classic ( actually made by Cannon Films ) Runaway Train, directed by Andrey Konchalovskiy. This film is without the best film that Cannon Films ever made, even if i enjoy a lot of their B movies, this is their best work from a serious attempt in making films. Both Eric Robert and legendary actor John Voight give really good performances, together with legendary actress Rebecca De Mornay. The story is simply about two convicts, Oscar " Manny " Manheim ( John Voight ) and Buck McGeehy ( Eric Roberts ) who escape Alaska´s Stonehaven Maximum Security Prison, and jump on board a train that does not have any breaks, or a driver. This will put them both in a very dangerous situation. Even if Runaway Train was a box office flop, this film did get a lot of respect, and both John Voight and Eric Roberts were both nominated for Academy Award for their respective roles. And even today when you discuss films made by Cannon Films, i guarantee that fans of the company will agree that Runaway Train is one of their best films. Moving on to 1989, when Eric Roberts released his martial arts film Best Of The Best. I would say that this film feels like a mixture of Karate Kid and Bloodsport, without copying these films. One of the interesting details about Best Of The Best, is that legendary actor James Earl Jones in in this film, and he really gives this film some star quality with his performance. Best Of The Best tells the story of martial arts fighter Alexander Grady ( Eric Roberts ) who is chosen to compete with a team of other martial arts fighters, for the American team. The will compete in an international martial arts tournament against Team Korea. If you enjoy martial arts films, you should check out Best Of The Best. Eric Roberts have continued to make films, and he does a lot of independent films ( especially B Movies ). I decided to check out the film Collision Earth, made by the company The Asylum. With no high expectations of this film, is this one of the best films in many years with Eric Roberts, or is this a disaster as Gene Simmons solo album Asshole from 2004 ?

A meteor shower hits Earth. Scientists Gwen ( Kate Watson ), Kurt ( Danny O´Reilly ) and Mara ( Becca Buckalew ) must investigate, where they learn a bigger threat is coming. There are generals that are prepared to nuke the remain meteors, something that will only cause more damage. To prevent the next bigger meteor shower to hit Earth, this team need to find a way to stop this disaster, without causing damage to humanity.

If you want to see a a film that takes itself too serious, and just want to watch a film that is so bad that you may even cry of frustration, then do i have good news for you. Collison Earth is that film that you need to watch on a summer night, to remind yourself that there is still hope for this world, or not. I know that The Asylum have a history of making bad films, but they actually have released some good B movies as well. In the case of Collision Earth, you can´t take this film seriously at all. The plot seems to be written in 15 minutes, on a swimming pool day after a couple of margarita drinks. And if you were hoping for great acting, let´s just say that you might as well drop any hope on that subject. This is the kind of film that have acting, just about as good as President Trump trying to sound correct. The characters are trying to be serious, but with the awful CGI effects, it becomes very clear that this is hard to take seriously. Female actors Kate Watson ( who i am actually looking forward to see in the new horror film Bridge Of The Doomed ) and Becca Buckalew ( who you might recongnize from TV series Medinah ) both look great, and even if they are not acting as good as i was hoping for, they at least have some kind of acting level compared to some of the male actors. Eric Roberts does his character Colonel Singh is the highight of this film, even if he is not really doing a great impact. My biggest problem with Collison Earth is that it does not work very well as a disaster film. You are supposed to feel like all of humanity is in danger, but you can´t do that will all the bad CGI meteors. If they really wanted to give us the impression that the world is in danger, why not at least try and make the CGI effects a bit more effective, even if they may not have a big budget ? Director Matthew Boda have made a directorial full feature debut film that does not make any impact, but feels very dull and uninspired. I hope he can make another film that may surprise me, but Collision Earth will easily be forgotten. If you want to see a good The Asylum film, i suggest you check out 3-Headed Shark Attack, that´s just a fun popcorn moment. Collision Earth will most likely dust on DVD shelves for a very long time.

Rating: D

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