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A year ago, no one would have expected to go through a pandemic, but here we are. People´s lives have been lost, while we have been forced to find ways to make sure people are safe. This pandemic will most likely go on for a long time, until a positive change comes along. Until then, we should all make sure we stay safe, and don´t take any risks. I was talking to a friend of mine, and we discussed the memories of our music festival visits, and the good times we had. Imagine if we can´t have music festivals in the future, or even music concerts with just a certain amount of people, compared to ordinary shows ? We might experience this in a very long time, and that´s ok. As long as people are safe, that´s more important. Since we have no idea hat the future will bring, i think we might as well try and look positive on the future. If the Covid 19 vaccines do a positive change, we might be able to see a change. We might go through hard times, but this is when you need some positive thoughts, and not loose hope. Because who knows, there might be parts of the future that can actually make a big difference, where we found new ways to live a good life, through new technology and ideas. I like to think that there is something positive coming. When it comes to futuristic films, we have a lot of films to choose between. One cult classic that i especially appreciate, is the 1992 sci fi action horror film Split Second, from director Tony Maylam. In a flooded future London, in the year of 2008, Detective Harley Stone ( played by legendary actor Rutger Hauer ) is on the hunt for a serial killer, that turns out to be not human. Split Second may have some cheesy moments, but seeing Rutger Hauer as a bad ass cop, hunting a creature, is pure 90´s nostalgic fun. 88 Films actually released a great Blu Ray of this film, worth picking up that includes lots of great special features. One of the sci fi films that i have been planning to see, is a film released last year called 2067. I picked this film up on DVD from America ( i saw that 2067 is coming out on DVD in Sweden later this spring, so that´s good ), to see if this would be anything in my taste. Could this be one of the highligts from last year that deserves to be seen by a larger audience, or is 2067 just as dull as watching a Mathmetics debate, that never seems to end?

In the year 2067, Earth have been devastated by climate change. With all plant life on Earth extinct, civilization have collapsed around the globe; the only one city in Australia has been able to hold out against these catastrophic changes, thanks to synthetic oxygen produced by the Chronicorp corporation. However, the oxygen is tainted and gradually a deadly afflication known as The Sickness. Ethan Whyte ( Kodi Smith-McPhee ), a tunnel worker for the city´s power plant, is called before Regina Jackson ( Deborah Mailman ), the Chronicorp CTO, explains that the Sickness will eventually wipe out humanity. During the test of the Chronicle, a prototype time machine that quantum physicist Richard Whyte ( Ethan´s late father ) had worked on 20 years ago, the scientists received a radio signal from 407 years in the future, with a message to specifically send Ethan to them. In hope of finding a cure for the Sickness, Ethan is asked to be sent in to the future. 

If you are a sci fi fan, and especially appreciate independent sci fi films, then i have some good news for you. 2067 is an Australian sci fi film that combines classic sci fi films, with a  environment twist. Especially where you hear how bad the oxygen levels are in the future, you realise that this could be what we are facing in the future, unless we find solid ways to deal with environment. And i do believe we need a film like this who do bring up important issues, that we are already seeing happening worldwide ( not as big on a scale as this film does, but what we could be facing if nothing is done about it ). But the major plot of this film, is actually based on time traveling. You might think this film tries to do the same pattern as Back To The Future, but that´s not completely true. 2067 tries to show us a different version of time travelling , where the main character Ethan Whyte is clearly having a hard time, dealing with the fact that he seems to have a purpose in the future, and no one really knows why he have been chosen through a message. And the mystery of who is behind this message is actually quite interesting, as you get more answers, when Ethan finally travel into the future. If you are expecting a sci fi film with lots of guns, violence and cheesy dialogue, i can tell you right now that 2067 is not what you are looking for. But, if you do enjoy more intelligent sci fi independent films. then this might actually be a film in your taste. The time travelling in this film have some interesting scenes, especially when Ethan find a skeleton body with his name on the space suit. I also feel that the mystery surrounding Ethan, is done in a simple, but effective way. The acting in this film is divided, but the main characters Ethan ( played by actor Kodi Smith McPhee ) and Jude ( played by actor Ryan Kwanted ) both give performances that match well with the storyline. One thing i do feel is that this film could probably have been shorted about 10 minutes, since there is a lot of dialogue in some scenes. Other than that, 2067 is definetely an interesting sci fi film that takes itself more serious than most films in this genre. I do like the design of a futuristic city, where having oxygen masks is one of the biggest priority. Director Seth Larney delivers a sci fi film that actually have a lot to say, especially about the environment, and how important it is to make the right decisions. 2067 may not be appreciated by all sci fi fans, but this is definetely a film that might make you think for a while, how precious life is. Sometimes, we need a film that dare to go in a different direction, and this is exactly what 2067 does.

Rating: DDD

Here is a link to the Swedish Blu Ray release of 2067, in case you are interested in picking the film up:


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