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Films Not Many Have Seen, But Are They Any Good? The 11th Patient

I do not like people who complain about everything, and especially one particular thing that i have heard a lot. And that is:- I have nothing to watch. When ever i hear that i think to myself and say:- Are you kidding me, there are thousands of films you can watch. And this is actually true, when you think about it. Have you really gone through a list of independent films and give them a fair chance? The answer to that is of course:- No you have not. And the reason for that is usually because people prefer big budget films, but they don´t see other qualities that independent films can give. I have personally seen about 2000 films, and i may have seen more since the 80´s. I don´t remember them all of course, that would make me a genius. But i do remember quite a lot of titles, and even if i did not enjoy every single film, there are lots of great titles that you don´t hear much about these days. I could probably go through a whole list of films that you have never heard of, but let´s bring up one film that is worth checking out. And that is the 2006 independent drama film Sherrybaby from director Laurie Collyer. When ever i mention this film, no one seems to have heard about it. And still this film won the best film award at the Stockholm Film Festival in 2006, and actress Maggie Gyllenhaal won the award for best actress at the Stockholm Film Festival 2006 as well. I would not be surprised if you still not have heard about this film, but Sherrybaby is actually a really good independent drama film for a number of reasons. You have really good acting here, you also have very realistic characters, and this film also show you a very realistic look into the world of drug addiction. Maggie Gyllenhaal is really good as the lead character Sherry Swanson, who is recently released from prison and is recovering from a heroin addiction. If you find it on DVD, pick this film up. As you might remember, i did a segment earlier this year called Films Not Many Have Seen, But Are They Any Good? So i have two new reviews of 2 independent films that i have never seen, or heard of. One of the films i picked out to watch is a film called The 11th Patient. The poster of this film was the first thing i noticed, and i have to say it looks really cool. Other than that i actually had no idea what the film is all about, so i went into this film with an open mind. Is this one of the better independent horror films i have seen this year, or is The 11th Hour even worse than i predicted?

Steven ( Steven Cole ), a young teenage boy, is found in a cosmastoe state deep in the woods several months after his kidnapping. The man that kidnapped him is still at large and Steven is the only person who witnessed and survived the ordeal. Now, Steven have been brought to a Doctor, who specializes in PTSD patients. Using his technology to guide his patients through their traumatic event, he is hoping to help Steven to bring him out of his coma.

One specific detail about The 11th Patient that makes this film unique, is that there is basically no dialogue in this film ( there are just a few words said, but other than that there is no more dialogue ). So it is all about telling a story with body language and using the right kind of cinematography ( who Derek Cole have managed to do effectively ). This is actually something you do not see very often, a film that dare to do something different and not use the same clichés. And for that i have to appreciate the effort that The 11th Patient have tried to do, by trying a different path. So the question is, does this film deliver anything else that is interesting? Actually yes, because the plot manage to bring up the subject of PTSD, and how this can impact your mind, especially if you have been through something very traumatising. The dream sequences feels almost inspired by A Nightmare On Elm Street, without any connection to Freddy Krueger himself. I have to mention that i really appreciate the wood tunnel structure, where this film takes place in the beginning of this film. These wood tunnels are actually quite effective, and give you a claustrophobic feeling. When it comes to characters, this film have a limited amount of actors on screen time, and if there is one character you will especially be interested in, and that is the character known as Steven ( played by actor Steven Cole ). His dreams are really bizarre, and disturbing as well. Director Derek Cole ( who actually worked with visual effects on the Dwayne " The Rock " Johnson film Rampage ) have made a independent horror film that clearly shows, that you can do something good on a limited budget. He use some very simple ideas, and manage to balance them in a surprisingly effective way. The 11th Patient is a film that may never find a large audience, but this is a film for those who appreciate a horror film that tries to do something different. Are there any flaws? Even if i probably could find some problems, i don´t care. I enjoyed this film for being original and interesting as well, on such a limited budget. I suggest you pick up this film on DVD, if you are a fan of odd horror films, just as myself. The 11th Patient deserves some respect for going in a different direction.

Rating: DDD

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