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Dawn Of The Beast

I don´t watch a lot of TV series on TV, except on a few occations on Netflix or Viasat. I can honestly say, i might be one of the few people in this world that see one season within 5 - 7 months. I will give you a perfect example of that, when i watched the first season of the Netflix TV series Luke Cage. It took me at least 4 months before i finished the first season, why? I always focus more on seeing films, that i am planning to review. So that means a lot of TV series that i don´t even know exist. One good thing is that i have a lot to choose between, when i feel it is time to pick a TV series. Speaking of TV series, there is actually one that i have seen quite many episodes of on TV, and that is the Animal Planet TV series known as Hunting Bigfoot. This TV series lasted for 9 seasons between 2011 - 2017, and this TV series is about four researchers and explorers known as Matt Moneymaker, Cliff Barackman, James "Bobo" Fay and Ranae Holland, who all look for evidende after Biggfoot sighting, as they interview witnesses who claims that they have seen Bigfoot, all over America, but also in other countries. If you just want to be entertained by local Americans who have seen Bigfoot, who also remind you of hillbilly territory, i suggest you check this TV series out. There are a lot of films that bring up the subject of Bigfoot, especially in independent horror films. Without mentioning some of the films that i easily can remember, let´s focus on one specific independent horror film called Primal Rage, from director Patrick Magee. This is a fun Bigfoot creature horror film, that actually was better than i expected. I reviewed this film when it came out, so if you want to find out what i specifically enjoyed about this film, i suggest you read the review. I have been hearing of a Bigfoot horror film called Dawn Of The Beast, released by the distribution company Uncork´d Entertainment, who also released the great Robert Bronzi film Death Kiss. I enjoy a lot of their releases, and i barely ever say no to watch a Bigfoot horror film ( except for a few occations, if the reviews are very negative ). Is this one of the films you should pick up on DVD this summer, or is Dawn Of The Beast just as horrible as Gene Simmons 2004 solo album Asshole ( one of the few albums i could barely listen to from start to finish )?

A group of graduate students go out to search for the legendary beast known as Bigfoot. They first believe that he is the only mysterious creature, but will soon find out that something more is waiting for them out there.

Dawn Of The Beast is a film that will divide fans of Bigfoot horror, since there is not only one Bigfoot monster here, but other monsters as well. But this is actually what i am thankful for, that this film tries to do something different in this specific Bigfoot genre. It has been done before, in films such as Bigfoot Vs. Zombies ( a film i have not seen, since i have not seen one single positive review so far, not a good sign ). But i do feel it is good that they tried to do something else, since the traditional Bigfoot film does not have a lot to offer these days, since most films in this genre have run out of ideas. Let´s talk about some of the best parts of this film. The creature design is actually the most positive surprise to me about Dawn Of The Beast. I do enjoy the effort that they put down to create these monsters, especially the ones that look like a combination of the sea creatures from the film Cold Skin, combined with the creatures from the 2005 film The Descent. There are some nice practical makeup effects as well, especially when the character Isabella ( played by actress Ariella Mastroianni ) becomes demon possessed. Reminds me of the good days of demon possessed people of the 70´s and 80´s horror films, so they really pulled this off in this film. The acting in general is ok, but i would not say that all the characters are very interesting. Some of them just show up for a few scenes, and are easy to forget. But i do think actress Ariella Mastroianni is one of the actors who put some effort into her acting. I do like the book that they find, reminded me of the Book Of The Dead in Evil Dead, a nice surprise. If you love monster films of the 80´s, then Dawn Of The Beast is a film you need to see. This is a tasteful throwback to the days when CGI effects did not exist, and you actually made monsters with costumes, and makeup effects combined. There is a little bit of CGI effects, but not much to complain about, Director Bruce Wemple have directed several films, and this is the first one i have seen from his catalogue. I think he have done a great job by bringing back classic independent monster horror films, back to fans of old school horror. I am actually hoping for a sequel, since i do believe the concept of this film could work again. If you are planning to go for a Bigfoot hunt, you should learn how to handle the forest visit by watching Dawn Of The Beast. There are actually some good advices in this film to be learned, even how to make a relationship better, isn´t that wonderful?

Rating: DDD

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