torsdag 3 juni 2021

The Curse Of Hobbes House

There is a lot of people who love to watch real estate TV shows. That is the moment you can dream away as you see houses, that you probably could never afford, but would love to live in. Just imagine having a massive swimming pool in your backyard, with water falls, a personal waitress in bikini, who would say no to this combination? I know one person who would, and that would of course be Christian Tru News TV host Rick Wiles. If he can call vegetarian burgers for Satan Burgers, and say that cell phones are demonic, i don´t think he would want a waitress in a bikini. It would probably be satanic for him as well, since everything seems to be demonic in his world. Speaking of real estate TV shows, one of the few that i have seen ( maybe 3 episodes ), is the TV show Property Brothers with twin brothers Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott. I noticed that this TV series have been going on for 7 seasons, so you can clearly tell that a lot of ladies would do anything to get their hands on these twin brothers. So i thought of another idea, what if you would sell the worst looking real estate on TV, and see who agrees to pay anything for it at all? I actually think this could be fun, considering there are real estates that definetely have gone through some rough times. Of course we would have to make sure that the people looking for these real estates would be nice local folks, hopefully from hillbilly locations, where anything is possible. But what if you enter a house that may not be so nice? That is exactly what character Samantha Hughes ( played by wonderful actress Jocelin Donahue ) does, as she agree to take a job as a babysitter. She talks to Mr. Ulman ( played really well by legendary actor Tom Noonan ) by phone, and get the job. But this babysitting job is not quite what she was expecting. The film is called The House Of The Devil, and is directed by Ti West. This is a very well made independent horror film, that brings back the satanic films of the 60´s and 70´s, with solid performances. If you ask me, this is one of those films you should pick up on DVD or Blu Ray, if you are a fan of this genre. As i was going through different VOD horror releases, i came across a film called The House Of Hobbes House. The poster did look interesting, so i decided to give this film a chance, knowing nothing about the plot. Is this one of the independent horror films you should see this summer, or is The House Of Hobbles House so bad that you will definetely forget about it?

Jane Dormant ( Mhairi Calvey ) have lost it all. Nowhere to go, sleeping in her car, it seems that her life could not get any worse than this. She gets a phone call about a diseased relative that she have not met in many years, and it seems that her relative leaves the property and the mansion to Jane. She decides to go over to the mansion, to hear what the will says. Her sister Jennifer Dormant ( Makgenna Guyler ) and her partner Nigel Thatcher ( Kevin Leslie ). The family members begin to argue, but they soon find out that they will need to cooperate, when a bigger danger is waiting outside at night.

The Curse Of Hobbes House is an independent film in my taste, because who can resist seeing zombies with glowing blue eyes on an English mansion? If you can accept some of the bad acting from certain characters, and just appreciate the effort of this zombie flick ( considering the low budget ), i think you might find some fun with this film. I do like the fact that this film brought up a family argument, over a relative´s property of a mansion, and who get the property according to the will. In a family situation like this, anything could go wrong, unless you come to an agreement. And to throw in a zombie invasion into this, is actually the best part of this film. We have to talk about the lead character Jane Dorment ( played by actress Mhairi Calvey ). At first she may not seem to be a tough woman, but as the film goes on, she actually prove that she is a survivor. Mhairi definetely give the best acting performance, and i really appreciate that she plays a character that a lot of people will recognize themselves with, a person who is struggling everyday. She lost her job and is homeless, this is the reality for a lot of people worldwide. So to bring this into a zombie film, is definetely an interesting idea. Actress Makenna Guyler who plays the character Jennifer Dormant, may seem annoying and selfish from the beginning, but you can tell that she cares for her sister, especially towards the end. The make up effects of the zombies are not too bad, and i do think that their glowing eyes was a nice touch, to try and do something different with this genre. So any problems with this film? Actor Kevin Leslie who plays the character Nigel Thatcher is not as good as i was hoping. I enjoyed his acting performances in films such as The Rise Of The Krays and The Fall Of The Krays. For some reason, he does not seem to give a lot of effort with his character in The Curse Of Hobbes House. I would have liked a little bit more background story of the two sisters, since they seem to have a lot of issues from their past. Other than that, i can´t complain much. Director Juliane Block deliver a zombie film with both traditional ingredients, but add some other interesting details in there as well. I would like to see what she could do with another film in the zombie genre, it feels like she have more to give, in this specific area. The Curse Of Hobbes House is definetely not a film for everyone, that focuses more on pleasing fans of zombie horror. If you just want an independent horror film to watch, give this one a chance. Who knows, you might get inspired to get an English mansion, to do some gardening axe?

Rating: DDD

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