tisdag 8 oktober 2013

Frankenstein´s Army

I love B movies. Without them we would not have The Toxic Avenger or Evil Dead. No matter how low budget some of these classics had at that time, they still deliver great entertainment. In fact, big budget Hollywood box office hits usually borrow influences from classic B movies, so we have alot to thank many directors in this genre. Frankenstein´s Army became one of the most talked about movies at the Tribeca Film Festival in March, so i was very curious about what this might be. Is this World War II Movie mixed with horror a clever combination, or have we seen this all so many times before ?

In the end of World Was II, a group of russian soldiers, go across the border to Germany. They manage to survive an attack and find their way into the woods. They find an old large building, where dead people lie on the ground. But something seems to be very wrong. They find a body of a creature, that does not look human at all. Trying to find answers of what is going on, they enter the building. This may be the biggest mistake of their lives.

Frankenstein´s Army is made in the found footage horror genre, so if you dont like this style, you might as well skip this one. But listen first, this is actually not that bad. This is a mix of the video games you all know, Wolfenstein and Bioshock, with lots of butcher scenes included. I really like the concept director Richard Raaphorst tries to bring to the screen. This is a very odd mix of nazi soldiers, created as warriors with strange weapons and they are ugly as hell. And to bring in a Frankenstein story into this story with nazis is a fun idea. The acting is not on a top level, but honestly this is still fun enough too laugh about. The special effects are cheesy, but fun to watch. Frankenstein´s Army is not a future classic in the B movies genre, but worth checking out if you love this genre. I feel like shooting some nazi monsters right now, who wants to go with me ?

Rating: DDD

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