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The Asylum is a company, who make cheap low budget movies, based on classic B movies. They release so many titles every year, they never seem to stop coming up with ideas, and i love that. Yeah the titles are cheesy. special effects are mostly cheesy, but the idea of making B movies come back to life is great. Throw in all kinds of mixture, 2 headed sharks, Nazis in space, Abraham Lincoln killing zombies, yeah they try all kinds of ways to make good quality straight to dvd movies. Did i say quality ? Well, ok, they may not be quality in serious film making, but thats ok, B movies are fun to watch. So you dont have care about the plot, these types of movies are made for fun. Sharknado is one of the titles of The Asylum movies that followed a cult recognition after having 2.1 million viewers on the SyFy Channel. Since the movie was this succesfull, The Asylum managed to get Sharknado a cinema release, in selected cities. Sharknado sold out and filled the cinemas, this surprised many people. Sharks attacking from tornados, is this the best B movie in years, or is this even worse than the plot sounds ?

In Los Angeles, a tornado is coming towards the city. In tv news, people are warned about the situation. Bar owner Finley Shepherd ( Ian Ziering ) see whats going on, and sets out with friends Baz ( Jaason Simmons ) and Nova Clarke ( Cassie Scerbo ), to recue his wife April Wexler ( Tara Reid ) and his teenage daughter Claudia Shepherd ( Aubrey Peeples ). As they try to find a loctaion to be safe, the weather is getting worse, and more sharks are attacking from the sky.

Lets get this straight out. Sharknado is not a masterpiece, but who cares ? This is so bad, i love it. And by this i mean that Sharknado is entertaining. The special effects are cheesy, the acting is nothing you will remember, but this is fun to watch. Sharks coming out of tornados, this movie should have been nominated this year at The Nobel Price Nominations. Overall this is a silly motion picture, but that is the whole point. Sharknado will not be successfull at the Mariestad Sk Segling Club, but i have a feeling if you love this genre you will have a good time. By the way, have anyone seen my Harpoon Gun ? I might need it, someday.

Rating: DDD

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