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Grown Ups 2

In the 90´s i actually liked some of the Adam Sandler movies. Hold on a second, let me read this right, you enjoyed some of Adam Sandler movies ? Yes, when he was funny. Like in Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer among some of the titles. Then in the millenium, he started taking his vulgar comedy on a whole different level. He did try some serious roles like in Punch Drunk Love, and he did do Anger Management with Jack Nicholson. But just a few years later he did Jack And Jill, and after watching this one i felt 2 things.

# Can someone beat the shit out of Mr Sandler ?
# Money was spent to make this shit ?

And of course he also made Grown Ups, with a comedian cast of Adam Sandler, David Spade, Rob Schneider, Steve Buscemi and many more. Grown Ups may not have been a great comedy, but at least had some fun scenes, compares to Jack And Jill. And here we are with a sequel, actually the first sequel Adam Sandler have ever done to one of his movies. Is this sequel even better than last time, or is this another turd served from America´s most loudest comedian ever ?

3 years have gone by, and Lenny Feder ( Adam Sandler ) have gone back to Connecticut to his childhood town. One morning as Lenny wakes up in bed, a deer pee in his face, and all over the house. Lenny and his wife Roxanne Chase-Feder ( Salma Hayek ), try to get the deer out of the house, and succeed. Their kids are ready to go to the last day of school. Roxanne begin to talk about having another child, something Lenny does not look forward too. Lennys friends  Eric Lamonsoff  ( Kevin James ), Kurt McKenzie ( Chris Rock ) and Marcus Higgins ( David Spade ) spend some time together, while their kids are busy, to talk about all the great summers they had together. They all have busy days, with so much to do surrounding the kids. but their friendship still stay strong.

While watching Grown Ups 2, i was so sure to hear David Spade shout :- Yes i love when a guy give me anal sex. But this is supposed to be a ( family comedy ), so i guess they did not go all the way. Either way, there are still a lot of vulgar humour, and if you do vulgar humour in the right way ( like Eastbound & Down ), it can be funny as hell. But this kind of vulgar humour in Grown Ups 2, is just as pale as Nils Petter Sundgrens skin. Or let me just explain this in a different way. This is pure shit. Adam Sandler can be funny, but here he is just a fucking turd. Avoid Grown Ups 2, this is a really bad comedy. The dialogue is awful, the acting is awful, i am so fucking tired of shit movies like this.

Rating: D

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