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I love Scotland. The beautiful highlands, the kind people, the history. I have travelled several times to Scotland, and i am planning on going back. One thing you need to know about Scotland, is how proud people are in the scottish movie Trainspotting. Vulgar, brutal, outrageous, Trainspotting is indeed the perfect movie to watch with the whole family. Evan MacGregor became a huge star after his performance in this 90's classic. I actually walked on some of the streets where Trainspotting were filmed. For many years there were speculations about making a sequel to Trainspotting, based on the novel Porno by author Irvine Welsh. Last year director Danny Boyle confirmed that there will be a sequel made if everything goes as planned. Here is some other good news, another movie have been made from one of Irvine Welsh books, named Filth. Another outrageous story located in Edinburgh ? It seems so, and since the premiere Filth have been praised by both movie critics and the audience. Is Filth another scottish classic or is it impossible to make something as good as Trainspotting ever again ?

A chinese man is found murdered in a tunnel in Edinburgh. Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson is on the case with his partner Ray Lennox ( Jamie Bell ). While the investigation is going, Bruce continue living on the edge of his life. Drugs, sex, alcohol and violence, all the things he needs to keep his life going. Bruce find out where some of the suspects are located. He is getting closer to get the case solved, but his own addiction problems are growing bigger. His doctor, Dr. Rossi ( Jim Broadbent ), make sure he gets more drugs, until things really begin to go in the wrong direction. Bruce is hoping to become a Detective Inspector, but in order to become this he needs to solve this case, and somehow get back on track with his life.

Oh god yes.....Filth is so fucking great you cant stop applause infront of your tv screen. Its sick, perverted, outrageous and simply funny as hell. And Sweden did not show Filth in the cinema, that is just pathetic. Because if there is one movie that deserved to be shown in the cinema, Filth would be the perfect choice. But at least it is out on dvd and blu ray in the UK, so you better buy this one. James McAvoy is fantastic as Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson. He should have been nominated for best male performance at many award shows. Director Jon S. Baird have managed to create a movie with so much power, you will feel knocked out. The style is gorgeous, brutal and so weird that i fucking love this. Am i swearing too much ? Lovely, i simply dont care. Filth is a blast from start to the finish line. The other cast members like Jamie Bell and Eddie Marsan both give great performances as 2 very different personalities with personal problems. Jim Broadbent is hilarious here as Dr. Rossi, let´s just say i would not want him to treat me if i am sick. There is one really funny scene that includes the classic song Mr. Vain by Culture Beat. I am not going to say what happens, but trust me i laughed a lot, and that does not happen everyday. Are you sick of boring big budget productions with no fun to offer ? Filth will piss straight in their face scottish style and get the party started. Go out and buy Filth, i dont need to explain why, show your support for films made in Scotland.

Rating : DDDD

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