onsdag 12 februari 2014

Lone Survivor

America , the land of the free. I have a feeling that America might be the biggest icon country of the world. Toys, cars, video games, movies, sports, food, there are so many things that we copy from America. About a year ago i was planning to go to New York, instead we went to 3 places, Berlin, Kemer and Dublin. I always wanted to visit America, to see if my image of Dolph Lundgren is the greatest american of all time, he must be since here in Sweden he is our greatest icon. Of course i will find out, a trip to America is going to happen at some point, If there is one image most people know, from news, magazines and photos, is the fact that Navy Seals have larger balls than Bingo Rimér. Am i sure ? Yes, for once i can say i am right. Just imagine every mission they go on, not knowing if they will be alive again ? Lone Survivor is a motion picture, based on true events surrounding a mission, Operation Red Wings, in Afghanistan. The tragic story behind the operation, left many men dead in the Afghanistan forest. I have no personal opinion about this story, because i feel that we can´t know or understand how it was like to be in a mission like this one. These men fight for their lives to finish the mission. With actors like Mark Wahlberg, Ben Foster and Eric Bana on board, is Lone Survivor a powerful war movie that leaves a strong impact, or is this another patriotic message with no substance ?

SEAL Team 10 is preparing to go on a new mission, named Operation Red Wings. As the mission is approved, the team finds out they need to locate Taliban leader Ahmad Shah ( Yousuf Azami ) and kill him. Sniper Marcus Luttrel ( Mark Wahlberg ) and his team members are dropped off high above some mountains, as they make their way towards the village where Ahmad is said to be located. In the forest, they suddenly meet an old man, and some young men. They are taken hostages as the team discuss if they should kill these people. Everyone agrees finally to let them go. But one of the boys tell about the american team in the forest, and now the team is revealed. They need to get out of the area, and fast.

I usually check out trailers on new movie releases. But i actually never watched the trailer of Lone Survivor, maybe because i had no expectations at all. I am happy to say that this is better than i expected. Director Peter Berg have actually managed to do a war movie, that does not feel too patriotic, instead you get a more personal story on the life of these men, trapped in hell. Lone Survivor is said to be based on true events, and if this is what happened you can feel sadness for the men who lost their lives. Mark Wahlberg proves once again why he is a great actor, with a believable character who tries to stay alive. This is not as good as Platoon or Apocalypse Now Redux, but far better than some of the war movies that have been released lately. Some of the forest scenes are very well made, with intensive action sequences as you can feel the men are scared. Not much to complain about, Lone Survivor is a war movie that leaves a message, no matter how afraid you are, you need to focus to survive. Remember the action movie Battleship ? Peter Berg have dropped most of the patriotic substance and replaced it with a much deeper story this time. Nominated for 2 Academy Awards, things are looking good for Lone Survivor, and hopefully the box office succes will follow worldwide.

Rating: DDD

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