onsdag 26 februari 2014

Escape Plan

If you would say to me, that you don´t love one of Schwarzneggers movies, i know you are lying. The same goes for Stallone also, i know there is at least one movie you love from him. The fact is that both Schwarznegger and Stallone are 2 of the biggest action Icons of all time. If you disagree, i think we need to get you therapy. When the first Expendables movie came out in 2010, we got to see them both on screen, but only for a short time. In The Expendables 2, we got to see them both helping out shooting 659 bad guys in 10 minutes, could it be more beautiful than this ? No, this is paradise. I did not know if we would ever see these 2 legends work together. But then rumours were coming about a movie named The Tomb, where Schwarznegger and Stallone is together again on screen. Excited to see the development, i also found out swedish director Mikael Håfström was the director, that just made things even better. I loved his film 1408. The title changed into Escape Plan, but the cast remained the same. So with a combination of 2 great action stars, and a talented director, is Escape Plan a motion picture for old school fans of the 80´s and 90´s, or is this a desperate try to just get a fat paycheck ?

Ray Beslin ( Sylvester Stallone ) is an expert at escaping prison facilities. He used to be a former prosecutor, but now he is the co-owner of security firm Breslin-Clark. He is the best at breaking out of any prison, so he tries to find every possible way to get out. Ray and his business partner Lester Clark ( Vincent D´Onofrio ), are offered a multimillion dollar deal by CIA agent Jessica Miller ( Caitriona Balfe ). CIA want Ray to break out of a prison, that they say should be impossible to break out of. Ray is not sure at first, but say yes because he needs the money. In New Orleans, Ray agree to be kidnapped and taken to the new prison. As he wakes up, he notice something must be wrong. The code that he should be able to use, to be released is not working. The prison warden is not even the person Ray was informed would be there. The prison warden´s name is Willard Hobbes ( Jim Caviezel ), and he don´t believe Ray is here for no reason at all. Ray is furious, someone fooled him to stay inside prison. Ray meets inmate Emil Rottmayer ( Arnold Schwarznegger ), and tell him he needs to get out. Together they begin to plan an escape, and to stop Willard from his evil plans.

In the beginning i thought i would know exactly what will happen. And i do, until we find out what kind of prison both of Stallone and Schwarznegger are trapt inside. Finally something different in this genre. Stallone have done prison movies before, remember Tango & Cash or maybe Lock Up ? In Escape Plan we get a different take on he prison genre, that helps this motion picture from becoming a lame repeat. In fact, this is a quite fun ride, even if there are flaws. I have to say Stallone is the strongest character here, he is both funny and can still deliver solid action sequences. Schwarznegger is getting old, and you can tell here that his acting skills are still the same. But he still knows how to deliver classic quotes, and throw in some good punches. Director Mikael Håfström tries to show us a different perspective on prison action. The plot is not very unique, but on the other hand this is an action movie, so we don´t need a complicated plot. Escape Plan is nothing you might remember for being original, but if you just want to watch some action with legendary actors, this is a good choice. I wonder who dropped the soap in the shower ? My guess is Schwarznegger, because he knows no one is more hard than him, or is that true ?

Rating: DDD

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