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Time flies away so fast. I have been writing movie reviews for years now, and i will continue guaranteed. One of the things i always try to do is mix genres, big Hollywood productions and smaller independent films. If i would only write reviews on big box office hits, i would simply be bored. I enjoy mixing the reviews so people can choose what they want to read, and i also get a chance to write about movies some people never heard of before. I have a feeling that not many swedes know about Contracted, and there is a reason for that. Contracted only got shown a week in cinemas ( at least that´s the information i have found ), and that is a sign that not many people know of this motion picture. So where did i found out about Contracted, considering it was not shown anywhere ? Actually, when it was shown at the Chicago International Film Festival 2013. I try to look up new festival films, so i found Contracted in their selection of movies. Director Eric England is mostly known for directing the low budget horror movie Madison County. I have not seen this one so far, so i have no idea how his previous work is. Considering i did not know much at all about Contracted, is this a pleasent horror independent surprise, or is there a reason why so many people have not seen this one so far ?

Samantha (Najarra Townsend) have just had a fight with her girlfriend Nikki ( Katie Stegeman ). She goes to a party just to have fun and get her mind on something else. At this party she meets a male stranger, who she finally have sex with. The next morning Samantha wakes up and listen to a phone message from Nikki. They decide to meet up and talk about what they should do next. The next morning Samantha feel very ill, and see a lot of blood coming from her toilet visits. She still go to work, but her illness is becoming worse. She goes to see a doctor who can´t explain what is going on, but he see no danger in the symptons. For each day Samantha´s body is becoming worse, and her mental statement is growing for the worse. She realise that she must have had this disease from the sex with the male stranger, but she needs to find a way to get well again, or she will not survive.

Contracted have an interesting view on sexual diseases. Of course this virus is not very believable, but watching actress Najarra Townsend is a disturbing experience. She does her character very well, as she is beginning to die from this disease. You can tell there is a limited budget here, but that´s not a problem. Director Eric England have actually done a good job trying to portrait a young woman´s journey, on her experience to become so ill. There are a few things that become a problem, like a strangling scene that looks silly. Or that the doctor does not feel like he knows what he is doing. Apart from this Contracted is an fascinating independent horror film, that try and show a different side of sexual diseases. I wish that there could have been some stronger characters than what we get here apart from Samantha. I did enjoy Katie Stegemans character also, maybe because she felt very natural. Contracted wont be found on dvd everywhere, so if you really want to see it i suggest watch it on VOD. This is a lesson to be learned kids, use condoms.

Rating: DDD

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