onsdag 19 mars 2014

Instructions Not Included

Every year when we open a newspaper, we see new babies born into this world. Proud parents feel so much joy in their new child, it is simply one of the biggest moments in life to become a parent. But what if you never want to become responsible, and only have fun with young women, until you find out you made one pregnant ? Instructions Not Included is a spanish/mexican comedy that became a huge box office hit in many countries, taking in over 90 million dollars on a budget of 5 million dollars, impressive. We have seen many comedies before taking on the subject of becoming a parent, but maybe not very often we see from a male perspective. Director Eugenio Derbez is mostly known as an actor, but here we get to see his first feature film to direct, and he is also in the lead role. Considering this was such a big hit last year, i had to take a look at Instructions Not Included to see what this could be. Is this a fun comedy about becoming a parent from a male perspective, or is this another Jennifer Aniston type of motion picture where everything is too perfect ?

Valentin ( Eugino Derbez ) is a ladies man, sleeping with every women he can in Acapulco, Mexico. He still have nightmares about his dad forcing him to do things he is afraid of. One morning when he wakes up with 2 beautiful women next to him, his doorbell rings. Valentin opens the door, and there stands Julie ( Jessica Lindsey ) with a child. Julie was one of Valentin´s lovers, who thought he loved her. She says that this is his daughter, and he needs to take care of her. Valentin start to panic, he take care of a child ? Valentin knows Julia is going back to Los Angeles today, so he travels to the airport. It is too late, Julia have already left. Now he is forced to take care of his daughter, he finds out her name is Maggie. Suddenly Valentin have an idea, he will try and get into America illegal. He manage to get inside USA, and is looking for a hotel he have a picture of Julie working at. Turns out the hotel is in California, but the staff belive Julia is in New York. At the hotel, a movie director looking for a stuntman, become a witness when Valentin jump from a balchony, to save Maggie from drowning. He want to hire Valentin as a stuntman in an upcoming motion picture. Valentin agrees, mostly for the money. Maggie is growing up, and even if the hunt for Julia have paused, Valentin realise he must try and help his daughter have contact with Julia. Suddenly Julia shows up, and want to spend more time with her daughter. Will he be able to keep his daughter just as close as before, or is this the end of their special friendship ?

Since i read so many good reviews about Instructions Not Included, i had a feeling that everyone can´t be wrong, or were they wrong ? Not at all, this is a fun motion picture focusing on the relationship between a father and a daughter, helping each other through life. Eugiono Derbez is a great comedian actor, who tries to show us that even a spoiled unemployed adult can become someone better. The message is clear, even if something unexpected happens, deal with it and it will be fine. One of the great things with Instructions Not Included is that director Eugiono Derbez keep the spanish influences, and give the story a more european feeling. As most of us know, american comedies can sometimes be over the top. There are a couple of hysterical moments, but nothing that will damage the comedy quality. I only have one problem here, and that is the length of this movie. Almost 2 hours long, and they could have cut out a couple of scenes. Still, this is a fun and well made comedy that should appeal to all ages. I especially think new dads might recognize themselves here, life have some wonderful moments.

Rating: DDD

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