fredag 7 mars 2014


Everyone will eventually grow old. But does life stop just because you are becoming old ? Not at all. This is a chance to do things you never had time to do, while working and raising a family. I just look at my grandfather, over 80 years old and still travelling. I would say he is a role model, he proves that age does not matter, do whatever you want to do, no matter what people think. As long as you are clear and not have alzheimers, there is nothing that can stop you from living life. Director Alexander Payne, who have delivered some really great motion pictures like Sideways and The Descendants, is back with a brand new motion picture named Nebraska. If you have seen his previous praised movies, he seems to continue tell deep stories, like Nebraska. The story of an old man, played by legenary actor Bruce Dern, was nominated for 6 Academy Awards just a few days ago. Nebraska did not win any Academy Awards, but Bruce Dern did win at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, the award for best male actor. Considering how great some of Alexander Payne previous movies are, does Nebraska go up there on top, or is this a movie just as slow as Elisabeth Höglund ?

Woody Grant ( Bruce Dern ) is walking on a highway in Billings, Montana. A police officer pick him up and take him down to the police station. They call Woody´s son David Grant ( Will Forte ) to pick his father up. Woody claims he won a million dollars in a lottery, and show David his letter. It says he have to pick up the prize in Nebraska. David try to explain that this is just a fraud, and no real money. Woody´s wife Kate Grant ( June Squibb ) is worried about Woody, and say she don´t know what to with her old bastard. While David is working in a electronic store, his mother Kate calls. Woody is going to Nebraska and have planned to drive there. Problem is he can´t drive anymore. David´s brother Ross Grant ( Bob Odenkirk ), discuss with David if they need to put Woody in a retirement home. David decide to take his dad to Nebraska, just so he can see he did not win all that money. Woody is really happy about this road trip. As they go along on this journey, they get a chance to see relatives on the way, and old friends of Woody. But when Woody start telling everyone he won a million dollars, problems become very clear, when greedy people want to get some of that money.

It is not often you get to see a motion picture filmed entirely in black and white. And it is not often you get to see a motion picture showing small american cities that are dying out, when people move because there are no jobs, and nothing to stay there for. Nebraska show a deep story of an old man´s last big journey, when he realise this is something he needs to do. Bruce Dern have never been better, he is so good as Woody, that there is no question why he was worth winning best male performance at the Cannes Film Festival. June Squibb is really good as Woody´s wife Kate, she found the perfect balance of a tired mother, who is sick of her husband running away. Director Alexander Payne show once again why he is one of the greatest american story directors, almost everytime he have something to tell you, he does in a very powerful way. Nebraska may be a very simple story, but the heart warming message is clear, never give up your dreams. You don´t get to see that many motion pictures that take on the subject of old people, to show a life from their perspective. But Nebraska really show us that everyone have a chance to take a chance, you have nothing to loose. Stacy Keach is here also, as the greedy Ed Pegram. This could actually be the best performance he have ever done. Nebraska is one of the few motion pictures that is so simple, but so powerful, that you sit there and feel very pleased with this emotional story. Make sure you buy a ticket, Nebraska should be seen by a wider audience.

Rating: DDDD

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