söndag 14 oktober 2018

In December, A 10 Years Anniversary Review Of Doomsday

Greetings movie lovers worldwide!

It's Daniel here, the sexiest Swedish movie critic ever. Is this true ? Of course it is, because name one Swedish movie critic that is hotter than me ? I know, it's impossible. 

Anyway, i remembered that this year is 10 years since director Neil Marshall released his Science Fiction film Doomsday. This film was actually one of the biggest movie productions in Sottish movie history, though it did not do as well as they hoped it would do. Even if Doomsday was no hit, i still remember that i appreciated this film for being different from other sci films released during 2008. So i decided to take a look at the film again, 10 years later, to see how i feel about this film today. The review will be posted in early December, since i have plenty of more reviews to post first. So until my next review is posted, thank you every single one of you who read my reviews. Take care and see you soon, with more fresh movie reviews.

Cheers from Daniel

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