tisdag 9 oktober 2018

Triassic World

I have a wish before i pass away, and that is to have a cameo in an Asylum film. I would love to run away from dinosaurs, flame shooting spiders or mutated lizards. So why want to be in a really low budget film ? It is very easy, i love low budget B movies, and if any director read this review and need a cameo, feel welcome to contact me through my movie review blog. I don´t even have to get paid, just a meal and a beer would do just fine. Ever since the early 80´s, i used to go in to VHS rental stores and look for B movies. Especially where people are attacked by giant ants, wild animals or even monsters. There are so many funny titles to choose between. But let´s mention 2 films that still can be enjoyed today on DVD. First we have Mimic from 1997. A horror film directed by Guillermo del Toro, where we see New York is being attacked by giant cockroaches. Mimic worked well, thanks to a concept that was effective. Even if the film is 21 years old now, i still think Mimic is an insect horror film that should be seen. Actor Mira Sorvino is also good in the lead role as Dr. Susan Tyler. Another film i feel that should be mentioned, is the low budget dinosaur movie Jurassic Attack ( Rise Of The Dinosaurs ). A great choice on DVD if you want to watch a really bad B movie, that is so funny in a wrong way. The CGI effects are really terrible, so if you can´t find a funny comedy to watch on Netflix, why not pick up Jurassic Attack ( Rise Of The Dinosaurs ) on DVD instead. I guarantee you will laugh in many scenes. Legendary B movie actor Vernon Wells can be found in this film, and actor Rachel Riley who have been in a number of B movies such as Zombie Farm and Jurassic City. Since i have seen a lot of films released by The Asylum, i try to check out their movies in different categories. It is such a shame these films are never shown on Swedish TV, since we don´t have any TV channels that focus on B movies. So i usually check out titles on VOD, where you can find a lot of interesting choices. And this is where i came across a title called Triassic World. The movie poster looked nice, in a traditional B movie way, and the trailer seemed to offer some dinosaur action. Since i have seen all seasons of Sex And The City, i thought to myself that Triassic Park would be a great choice after this classic TV series. Is it possible Triassic Park is one of the highlights of this year, or should this film have stayed hidden underneath the conspiracy compounds of Alabama ?

Businessman Steven Hagen ( Joel Berti ) and his assistant Bridget ( Jennifer Levinson ) are given a tour of a research facility run by Dr. Marisa Martinelli. Inside this research facility, Dr. Marisa and a group of scientists have cloned dinosaurs, planning to use them for disease research. When one of the dinosaurs escape, the research facility is now a fatal zone, and anyone could become a victim.

If some of you saw the straight to DVD release of Deep Blue Sea 2, you might have been disappointed just as me, that they could have done so much more to make the movie more entertaining. The good news is that Triassic Park does a better job, both with the facility look, and the attack against humans compared to Deep Blue Sea 2. There is nothing special about Triassic Park, since we have seen all of this before. But the dinosaur effects are actually not as bad as you might expect. I especially enjoy seeing the dinosaurs running in low budget CGI effects. This is one of the few Asylum films that have some characters you can enjoy. Really ? yes, i am surprised myself. Let´s begin with actor Hayley J Williams as Dr. Marisa. She is not the kind of woman you would want near an experiment with dinosaurs. Hayley manage to portrait Marissa in a way that match her character, a selfish woman who don´t care anybody else. Actor Joel Berti ( known from TV soap Fashion House ), is another great character known as Steve Hagen, a man with a passion for bringing back dinosaurs to life. Actor Joseph Michael Harris as the tough Thomas Adkins ( not to be mistaken for Scott Adkins ), is one of the more physical characters of this film. And his tough attitude fits with the character, and give this film a push into the right direction. The attack scenes by the dinosaurs are more brutal than you would expect from a film by The Asylum. Lots of blood, flesh wounds, something you don´t see very often from films like this. Of course the special effects are not very good, but better than many films released by the same company. Another detail i enjoy about the film is that you can actually feel that they tried to build up the characters, more than just making killer scenes. So what is bad about Triassic World ? There is no story to care about. I am not expecting a deep story in a film like this, but a surprise twist would have been fun. The end of this film is not a good ending. Director Dylan Vox ( who have been in many B movies such as Super Shark and Super Cyclone ) have made a directorial debut film that may not be anything unique, but entertaining. Overall, this is one of the better dinosaur films made by The Asylum. And i think you will especially enjoy it, if you appreciate low budget films. Triassic Park is not the best pick for a popcorn night, but if you just want dinosaurs to attack, you should give this film a chance on DVD. One thing is for sure, The Asylum can still make B movies for the whole family to enjoy.

Rating: DDD

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