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The Last Sharknado

There is a saying here in Sweden that goes something like this :- Vägen till en kvinnas hjärta är genom att uppleva Sharknado. In translation this means :- The way to a woman´s heart is to experience Sharknado. This might sound strange, but women in Sweden are obsessed in the Sharknado movies. If you mention Twilight, Grease or Bridget Jones, they have no idea what you are talking about. But, if you mention Sharknado to a woman in Sweden, they will marry you right away. So why is that ? Well, it all started back in 2013 when SyFy Channel premiered Sharknado, a film where tornados with sharks attacked Los Angeles. I remember seeing women all over the streets of Sweden, they would sing the Sharknado theme song, and run to buy the DVD. When Sharknado 2 hit the premiere week, all over Sweden you could tell that not only women were hooked up on Sharknado, i was as well. Every year i have seen every Sharknado movie, and every film made me feel like a new man. The Sharknado franchise have proved that you can make quality films with big stars such as Gary Busey, David Hasselhoff, Bret Michaels, Vince Neil, Lou Ferrigno, Frankie Munic and many more. In my eyes, the Sharknado franchise should have won a Nobel Prize a long time ago, for making this world much more peaceful planet. It is hard to say what movie i prefer, since i enjoy every film for different reasons. If i had to choose one of them, i would probably go with Sharknado 2, because i loved the location of New York and all the cameos from celebrity people. Every Sharknado film since then have been filled with tasteful action scenes, wonderful special effects, and surprises that always gives me a warm feeling inside my heart. And when legendary actor David Hasselhoff turned up in Sharknado 4, i hugged my fridge in happiness. He did return in Sharknado 5 as well, as Fin´s father, and i think that Sharknado needed a strong character, and Hasselhoff was the perfect choice. When i heard online that Sharknado 6 was going to be the last movie, i cried. No more Sharknado, how will i survive without these wonderful movies that helped me to become the man i am today ? But i had to gather my thoughts, and think positive. Even if this 6th film would end the franchise, i am of course happy that it lasted this long. And i have written reviews of the other Sharknado films in the past, so of course i had to write a review on the final chapter. Is this last movie of the legendary franchise the best so far, or is this a ending that could have been much better ?

Fin ( Ian Ziering ) travel back 66 million years to the Cretaceous in order to prevent the firs Sharknado. Fin gets a message from Gil who tell Fin that any person can only travel back in time once. Fin retrieves the bag with Aprils ( Tara Reid ) cybernetic head, that is soon taken by a dinosaur. The dinosaur is attacked by Nova ( Cassandra Scerbo ) who Fin thought was killed, but it seems that she survived thanks to time travelling. Soon they are joined by Bryan ( Judah Friedlander ) and pre-cyborg April ( Tara Reid ). They are gathered to plan how to stop the very first Sharknado, that will force them to travel through time. Will they be able to finish Sharknado for all eternity, or are they doomed to fail ?

It is a great sadness that this is the last Sharknado movie. There will be no more adventures with Fin And April, and this final film really goes in all kinds of different time travel locations. How about visiting Merlin The Wizard, the old Wild West, cyborg future, Revolutionary War and other historical moments. Fin Shepard is as usual brilliant by actor Ian Ziering, and April Shepard also returns, played by wonderful actor Tara Reid. Their chemistry is what makes these films magical, and to see them united one final time is incredibly sad. But this final film does try and make this final time majestic, especially towards the end with a very insane epic battle. The Sharknado storms is even bigger this time, and there is plenty of sharks flying around, just the way we like it. The cameo list may not be very big this final time ( too bad, i would have liked to see Chris Hemsworth fight sharks, or perhaps Rick Astley ), but we do have some surprises. Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider turns up as a Sheriff in the Wild West, and as Merlin The Wizard we see Neil deGrasse Tyson. Legendary actor Leslie Jordan plays Benjamin Franklin ( known from TV series Reasonable Doubts ), American Pie actor Chris Owen is also here as 30 year old Gil. And let´s not forget actor Darrell Hammnond ( known from Scary Movie 3 and Epic Movie as Captain Jack Swallows ). The cameos do bring some fun into the time travelling and the action scenes are of course even more insane this time. The idea to travel through time to stop the first Sharknado storm from happening, is a fun concept. Since this is the final chapter, it does make sense making sure that this will never happen again. The best part for me personally, is seeing Fin fighting dinosaurs from the beginning, i would have liked to see that part more. Maybe it is because i have a passion for dinosaur movies made by The Asylum, i just love to see that genre. The dramatic scenes is one of those things we don´t feel interested in, it just does not feel necessary. But once the Sharknado storms comes back, we are back into the classic action scenes. I hope that one day, we can see Ian Ziering and Tara Reid in a new kind of franchise, how about a Indiana Jones rip off, or how about they fight a zombie apocalypse ? I hope that we can see them both return in another format, outside the Sharknado concept. Is this a worthy ending to this legendary franchise ? I would say that it is, since the ending is so insane it feels like a beautiful end to the history of Sharknado. If you loved the movies so far, you have to see this final chapter. Not one of the best in the franchise, but still you can´t deny that there is magic here. Thank you so much to everyone who have been in Sharknado, and especially to director Anthony C. Ferrante for making these wonderful films. Sharknado will always be in our hearts, for all eternity.

Rating: DDDD

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