tisdag 13 november 2018

Calling Out To All You 80´s Movie Fans

Cheers everyone!

Daniel here, the fantastic movie review guy from Sweden, with a very good movie taste of course. I am calling out this time to see if you people, all over the world can help a movie. Especially because if you love the movies made in the 80´s, then you want to see The Barn Part 2. If you have not seen the first film, don´t worry. You can find it and buy a copy right under this link, it is a film worth your time, especially if you love Halloween horror movies.


Now, a new campaign has been going on for a couple of weeks, and a sequel is on the way, especially if the funding is growing. They have a lot of ideas how to make this sequel really tasteful, so i guarantee that you will have fun with this film. I have supported this campaign, and i really hope you all do worldwide. We need more 80´s styled films in our lives, and The Barn Part 2 would be exactly what we have been looking for. I will leave you a link adress down below, so check out the campaign site on Indiegogo. I tell you what, if this campaign goes well, i will write movie reviews on both films on my movie review blog, how can anyone say no to that ? I know, that would be beyond amazing.

Good luck on the campaign, and let´s bring back the 80´s with The Barn Part 2! Because let´s be honest, nothing fits better than a quality B movie in our lives.


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