söndag 11 november 2018

In 2019, We Need To Celebrate The Boondock Saints 20 Years Anniversary

Cheers everyone!

Daniel here, the amazing movie review guy from Sweden. Can you believe that we have a new year coming our way soon ? I know it is crazy, 2019 is on the way. With a new year comes a lot of new movie reviews of course, and some special surprises as well. But i think we need to talk about one thing that makes 2019 special. This is the year when the cult movie The Boondock Saints turns 20 years old. A film that became very popular on DVD, and got a lot of new followers ever since the film came out in 1999. What made The Boondock Saints different from other films during this time, was the look of the film. The film have cool characters, and a very fast paste. I have not seen the film for many years, so to celebrate the 20 Years Anniversary of this film in 2019 would be perfect. Who knows, maybe some cinemas worldwide plan to show the film again on the big screen ? We will have to see. But i will do a 20 Years Anniversary review of The Boondock Saints, and i hope you look forward to read this.

I can´t say exactly when this review will be posted in 2019, but don´t worry, i will let you know when it is time. Right now i am starting to pick out the last reviews for this year, and i am sure they will be interesting to read before New Year´s Eve arrives. More fresh movie reviews are on the way, so have a great week, and i will see you soon with new reviews.

Cheers from Daniel

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