fredag 16 november 2018

Dead Squad: Temple Of The Undead

Tropical places always make me happy. When i feel the heat, and the tropical forest is right in front of me, i feel at home. No more snow tsunamis, no more snow avalanches, just palm trees, drinks and great food. The people who live in these places, be happy. Because when you live in Sweden with 10 days of sun, the rest of the year is covered in ice and Gudrun Schyman´s cult followers pray for more snow. When it comes to films that takes place in tropical environment you have plenty of titles to choose between, but let´s focus on one specific category. Horror movies that takes place in tropical locations. Let´s start off with the horror comedy Club Dread, released in 2004. A film that actually works, mixing horror and comedy together, and we also get to see legendary actor Bill Paxton ( watch him especially in the movie Frailty as a religious maniac ) as a different kind of character than his usual films. While some horror comedies failed to make fun of classic horror, Club Dread managed to mix it up without making too many mistakes. I would not call this a comedy classic in any way, just a fun throwback to B movies we grew up with. Another film that is a pure horror film instead, is the 2008 movie known as The Ruins. A film that takes place in the jungle, where a group of young people are victims of a flesh eating plants, that can grow inside their skin. The Ruins may not be a very original film, but the film have some really brutal butchery scenes that makes this film stand out from the ordinary release. I remember one scene especially, where one of the young women cut her own flesh inside the leg, and even the face, to get out what is crawling in there. The Ruins is worth checking out, if you enjoy brutal horror that does have some tasteful treats. Not that long ago, i was listening to a movie review of the YouTube channel Geek Legion Of Doom ( one of the best B movie review channels you should check out ), and came across one of their reviews of the new B movie Dead Squad: Temple Of The Undead. Since i never heard about this film before, it looked like a classic concept of tropical B movie horror, mixed together with other influences. I have never heard about the cast either, so being the B movie lover that i am i just had to check this out. Do we have a quality B movie here for the whole family to enjoy, or is Dead Squad so bad that you want to bury yourself on the bottom of the sea ?

A group of young people, including Aanesha ( Alina Carson ), Daniel ( Jonathan Looper ), Ethan ( Guy Talon ) and many more, go on a journey into the Amazons. As they stay to enjoy themselves at a waterfall, their boat floats away. They have no idea where they are, so the decide to follow a path they found. It seems that this path lead them to an Inca temple. They go inside to see what they can find, but no one is prepared of what´s waiting inside the temple.

Have you ever watched a movie that is so bad, that you actually enjoy it ? This is exactly the kind of movie Dead Squad: Temple Of The Undead is. How bad is this film ? Well, it is so bad that i actually laughed quite a lot, and that means it does work as a comedy. And if you have a good time with a film that is supposed to be a horror film, you can´t be disappointed right ? I think to enjoy a film as this one, you have to be in the right mood. Remember the cheesy 80´s and 90´s B movies you rented on VHS, that had awful acting and bad special effects but were still entertaining ? This is exactly that kind of film, made for an audience that loves cheesy B movies from the VHS stores. Just the title gives you an hint that you are in for a treat, almost at the same level as Swedish TV show Hela Sverige Bakar. The plot is very simple, and very predictable. But that´s ok, in a film like this you don´t really need a plot as long as it is entertaining. Of course the bikini girls are included, what else would you expect ? Something tells me that the extreme feminists will hate this film, and call it Satan´s work. The characters are nothing you will remember for their performances, instead you will probably enjoy their stupidity for making so many bad decisions. When it comes to the make up effects i have to say that the main evil Zombie Queen ( played by actress Erika Ervin ) makes a pleasant entrance. What does the Zombie Queen looks like ? Imagine a mixture of a vampire and Boy George on a bad hair day, and i think you can imagine what we have here. We also have another bad ass monster, that used to be a man named George, who was mutated by Nazi experiments. And he is actually pretty cool, looking like a mixture of The Hulk and a demonic Smurf. By the way, my favourite character in this film is without a doubt Peer Metze as the Nazi Dr. Baumgartner. How can you say no to a Nazi doctor who makes mutant monsters ? I know, it is the perfect combination. Even if this film is really bad, this is still a really funny film. To be honest, it has been a long time since i laughed so much as i did watching Dead Squad. You have everything you need here, vampires, zombies, nazis, bikini girl, body parts flying, so yes you should see this film. Director Dominik Hauser ( who worked as an music orchestrator on films such as Aeon Flux and Pineapple Express ) have made a film clearly with passion for bad B movies, and he knows what the audience wants. Will Dead Squad: Temple Of The Undead be seen as the worst film ever made by extreme feminists ? Yes, of course this film will be that title in their minds. But who cares, this is a film made for the B movie lovers of the 80´s and 90´s. Unplug your brain cells, and have a good time with Dead Squad.

Rating: DDD

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