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One of the big moments for us who were young in the 90´s, was to see The Sixt Sense from director M. Night Shyamalan in cinema back in 1999. This was the perfect way to end the 90´s with a really good supernatural thriller. This was also a really good return for Bruce Willis, after he made some mediocre film choices in the 90´s. The Sixt Sense tells the story of Cole Sear ( brilliant acting by Haley Joel Osment ), a young boy who says he can see dead people, everywhere he goes. Malcolm Crowe ( played by Bruce Willis ), is a child psychologist who tries to help Cole. Oh by the way, the suicide scene with actor Donnie Wallberg as Vincent Grey is really emotional, perhaps the best performance i have seen Donnie Wallberg do. One of the things that makes The Sixth Sense such an intelligent film, is that the suspense is built up from a psychological level, instead of using the ordinary horror concept. Director M. Night Shyamalan continued making films, and just one year after The Sixth Sense he continued working with Bruce Willis in the thriller drama Unbreakable. This film is very different from The Sixt Sense, and tells the story of Security guard David Dunn ( played by Bruce Willis ) who is the only survivor from a train crash, without any injuries at all. 131 people were killed at this train accident, and it is a mystery how David surivived at all. David finds an envelope on his car´s windshield. with a card with a logo of Elijah´s art gallery. David goes to Elijah ( Samuel L. Jackson ) who turns out to be a man who have a rare disease that makes his bones extremely fragile. It turns out David and Elijah may be connected in a certain way. Unbreakable is actually one of the more interesting film in Bruce Willis career, with a story that is more deep than most Hollywood films. I strongly suggest you check out the special features on DVD or Blu Ray, you find out some interesting details there about this film. A sequel was made, released 17 years later ( a long time between these films ) called Split. The difference with this film is that Split did not have Bruce Willis, and gave us a new character who have different personality disorders. The lead character is played by actor James McAvoy. Split is actually a great sequel, and a completely different story than Unbreakable. I knew that director M Night Shyamalan was making a third film, to end this franchise. Is this a worthy ending since Unbreakable, or should someone else have made the final chapter ?

It has been three weeks after an infamous crime spree by Kevin Crembell Crumb ( James McAvoy ). Superhuman vigilante David Dunn ( Bruce Willis ) and his now-grown son Joseph Dunn ( Spencer Treat Clark ) have been working together to take down criminals. They know about 4 cheerleaders being kidnapped by Kevin Crembell, and as David run into him as one of his other characters, he finds out where his secret hiding spot is. David free the girls while fighting with Kevin´s ulter ego, known as Hedwig. The Philadeplhia Police Department, led by Dr. Ellie Staple, arrest both Kevin and David and put them both locked up at an institution for criminally insane. Another man is also locked up here, known as Elijah Price ( Samuel L. Jackson ) who met David many years ago. All of these three men belive they have special powers. But do they, or are they just imagining things ? Dr. Ellie Staple is supposed to help each patient, while they are locked up for their own safety, and to keep them away from the world outside. But is that the real truth or is there another reason to why these patients have been taken here ?

When you make a franchise and you want to end it, you have to know how to do it correctly, without destroying the plot from the past. Glass manage to finish this franchise in a way that connects with the previous film. I will admit that Glass is not as effective as the first film Unbreakable is, but as a sequel i feel that this film does a good job. Now let´s talk about the characters. Bruce Willis does one of his best performances in recent years, as he returns as David Dunn. His character David seems to carry a lot of burden since the train accident. The strongest character in this film is Kevin Wendell Crumb ( brilliantly played by James McAvoy ) who have different personalities inside him ( you might remember him from Split ). When Kevin Changes personalities, this is where the character gives us the strongest scenes in this film. I especially enjoy when he brings out one of his personalities called Mr. Pritchard. Samuel L. Jackson is back in this film as well as Elijah Price. In quite a long time in this film, he have almost no dialogue at all. But when he stops pretending not being able to speak, he give us a performance that fits with the character. I really enjoy the acting from actress Anya Taylor-Joy as the former kidnapping victim Casey Cookey. You still feel sorry for her, and she come across as a strong young woman who have managed to survive her rough years after the kidnapping. The idea of having all three main characters locked up in a institution for the criminally insane, is a very interesting idea to see how they can handle themselves being . I especially enjoy the scenes when James McAvoy´s character changes personalities, every time it flashes through the walls ( a construction especially built for Kevin ), so none of his personalities will try and escape. If you thought Split was the most psychological sequel of Unbreakable, then this third film is more focused on the treatment of each personality.. Director M Night Shyamalan have made the right choice to end this franchise of Unbreakable. It would have been difficult to continue their stories, and i think Shyamalan knew this, as he put the pieces together in a professional way. Even if Glass is not one of the better films in this franchise, i still think it works well with such great characters. If you enjoyed the previous films, i think you should see Glass to see how it all ends. Thanks for this franchise M Night, i am looking forward to your next projects.

Rating: DDD

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