måndag 15 april 2019

Triple Threat

It is interesting to see the young generation of today´s society. Young people love to vlog about everything, and make drama out of anything. It is like they need attention to feel loved, and to make money of course. Back in the 80´s and 90´s, we did not need social media. All we needed was to see Jean-Claude Van Damme kick ass in Bloodsport, and Chuck Norris taking down 300 terrorists with uzi machine guns, special kicks and blow up buildings. This made our generation feel good about themselves, just give us ninjas, big guns and sexy girls, and we did not care about what dinner pictures looks like ( as many vloggers like to show on social media ). I am glad i was a part of this generation, because i learned from B action movies the most important ground rule in life :- Empty your gun ammo, ask questions later. No matter if you loved Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, Michael Dudikoff, Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris, and many other action movie stars, we all got to experience something magical with so many classic action films. So if you get a chance to show a younger generation the knowledge of Jean-Claude Van Damme´s classic catalogue, let them learn about what is more important than vlogging. Martial arts films is something i have always enjoyed, in all kinds of formats. Who remember the wonderful kick ass film Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior from 2003 with martial arts actor Tony Jaa ? A must see if you have not seen it. Or how about legendary action actor Iko Uwais in the masterpiece known as The Raid, released in 2011 ? Both of these actors have proved themselves in the action genre, and we have of course another great example known as Scott Adkins. The British action star have done a lot of great films, and i especially enjoyed his sequel Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear. So what would you say if they have gathered a lot of action stars into one film, that sounds like the perfect tea moment right ? And this is exactly what happened with the new action film Triple Threat, where you see a list of talented action actors working together. Of course i had to see this, so i got myself a Blu Ray copy from Germany, hoping i would have a good time. Does this film bring back the action genre on the right track, or should these legends do more quality films instead ?

A team of mercenaries are sent out to the jungle to wipe out a camp at the MI6 Black Site, in Maha Jayan Jungle. The team that includes Deveraux ( Michael Jai White ), Payu ( Tony Jaa ) and many other soldiers, attack the camp and murder many of the soldiers. Collins ( Scott Adkins ) have been their prisoner for a long time, and is now set free. Payu is suspicious, that this operation may not be what he thought. He and his other team friends are tricked, as Deveraux and Collins plan to blow them all up, including the hostages inside the camp. They all manage to survive, but Payu is planning to strike back against Deveraux and his team, unless it is too late ?

Triple Threat is exactly what we need this spring, we have great fighting scenes, lots of guns and cheesy dialogue, what else do you need at Easter dinner ? This is a throwback to the 80´s and 90´s action films, and i have to say they have done a great job with the fighting choreography. This is actually the biggest strength of Triple Threat, that we get some really nice fighting scenes. Let´s talk about the characters. This is one of the details i think is a weak point in this film, since you don´t really care much about some of the characters. I enjoy seeing action actors Tony Jaa and Iko Uwais doing what they know best, making fun action scenes. And i have to say that they still know how to make some really nice But their characters are not very interesting, so you rely on their physical performance instead. The strongest character in this film is legendary action star Scott Adkins as the bad guy Collins. He is rough, have no heart, and this is something that Adkins manage to do well with his performance. I especially enjoy his raw tone, where he makes sure everyone knows that he is in control. Legendary action star Michael Jai White is here also, and he also does a pretty good performance as bad guy Devereaux. The story is not very interesting to be honest, but who cares ? This film knows not to take itself too serious, and focus more on the action scenes than the dramatic scenes. Director Jesse V. Johnson ( who have done stunt performances on both The Amazing Spider-Man films, including a lot of other titles ) clearly love the action films from the 80´s and 90´s. You can tell that he wanted to bring back those glory days with Triple Threat, and i think he have done a good job on this film. It is like he have read our minds, that we need to see more martial art films combined with guns. And he also seems to know how important it is to make sure that this film was made for a certain kind of audience. If you don´t like martial arts, or big guns, then you are not going to enjoy this film. If you happen to enjoy this combination, i know you will have a good time with Triple Threat. One of the better action films i have seen this spring, and worth a buy on DVD or Blu Ray, especially to support these films to be made. No need loking for what to watch this weekend, Triple Threat is what you need to experience with your fresh made popcorn.

Rating: DDD

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