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Let´s travel back in time, to the ancient period known as 1999. I was 22 years old at that time, and these years were the period where Nu Metal really grew inside of me. Especially the Limp Bizkit album Significant Other, i must have played that CD every single day, i was hooked up on their songs. I also had a poster flag of the album cover, all over the wall next to my bed, so every morning i would Wake up and see that beautiful poster flag. But 1999 became unique for a number of reasons, and one of those reasons was of course the big comedy hit American Pie. Those of you who have seen the film, remember that this was a teen comedy about sex, getting drunk, more sex and..... a lot more crazy stuff going on. American Pie ended the 90´s in a great way, and the cast of this film was one of the reasons why this film worked so well. I would like to mention especially one guy from the cast, and you might remember him kown as Sean Willam Scott. His character Steve Stifler in American Pie, was the funniest character of them all. He is vulgar, confident and he sees himself as an Adonis. Sean continued doing more films after American Pie, in all kinds of genres. And there is especially one film i think you should see with him, that most people probably never heard about. The 2007 film Trainwreck: My Life As An Idiot, gave Sean the oppurtunity to do a more serious drama comedy, that turned out to be one of his better acting performances. Sean plays the character Jeff Nichols, a man with alcohol problems coupled with ADHD, dyslexia and a mile case of Tourette Syndrom as well as absent-mindedness. He spents most of his time attending support meetings including ones wich have no connection to his problems. Jeff meet a girl named Lynn in one of the support groups, but can he handle a relationship when he have so many personal problems ? This is a fun, and dramatic film as well about how to deal with life, especially when you have different diagnoses. This summer i started hearing about Sean Williams Scott´s new film Bloodline, a film that is really different from his previous work, since he plays a serial killer. I always like to see actors try a completely different character than what we are used to see them do. Is Bloodline a surprisingly good horror thriller, or is this a film that you will most likely not remember at all ?

Evan Cole ( Sean William Scott ) is a counselor, who is especially helping risk-at teens, talking about their personal problems, and their abusive environment. Evan tracks down these people, who have abused, and treated these teenagers badly and murder them. In Evan´s mind he is making sure that they are punished, and he is making this world a better place. Evan has a wife, Lauren Cole ( Mariela Garriga ) and a new born son. But can he handle an ordinary family life, when he is not finished yet with his mission, to end the lives of sinners ?

To be able to play a serial killer, you have to be able to act as 2 different personalities. And this is something that Sean William Scott manage to do. He may seem like the ordinary father to his new born baby, but he has a calling for murdering chosen victims ( people who does not deserve to live ). There is a very disturbing scene, when he sees his child being born, and he suddenly have backflashes of a person he murdered. A normal father would never even think about anything else but their child being born, while this disturbing man clearly think about his evil deeds. This gives you an image of what a monster this man really is, how you would even think about this at such a precious moment of becoming a father?  We have seen similar stories before, of a serial killer being a father. Some of you might have seen the Netflix film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil And Vile, where actor Zac Efron played serial killer Ted Bundy. The difference between these two films, is that Sean´s character Evan can not act out any emotions at all, compared to Ted Bundy who fooled everyone with his charm. Sean William Scott shows that he can do this character, with another level of acting that i have seen him do before. Is this his best performance in his career so far ? I would say that from an acting perspective, this is one of his more interesting choices of a character in films. Actress Mariela Garriga who plays Evan´s wife Lauren, is clearly a very vulnurable woman, not knowing her husband is a serial killer. She gives a performance that fits well with her character. Actress Dale Dickey ( who i especially remember from the really funny TV series My Name Is Earl ) is a really good choice for her character Marie, mother of Evan. My biggest problem with Bloodline, is that i would have wanted to see Evan´s dark view on the world, from his point of view. We do get to see some details, but perhaps we could have seen more of that darkness, that he clearly is carrying within his mind. Other than that, i am pleasantly surprised to see Sean William Scott do a role like this. The vigilante tone of Evan´s personality is an interesting angle, as he seems determined to make justice in his own mind. Director Henry Jacobson have made an interesting portrait on a serial killer, who thinks he is helping society. Bloodline may not be one of the best serial killer films, but i strongly advice you to check this film out. There is especially an interesting twist owards the end. I have a feeling that Sean William Scott have something really good waiting for us to see, in a near future.

Rating: DDD

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