tisdag 5 november 2019

Good Boys

Comedies used to be really good. I remember some really funny films, that could make me laugh everytime i watch them. Unfortunately, comedies made in the last 10 years have not been as funny, as many classics are. It is like the comedy genre have suffered a big crisis, and directors don´t really know what a comedy should look like. So we have to go back a while, to find one of the funniest films in the last 13 years, and that is of course Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan. Released in 2006, this film is so damn funny, i remember the first time i saw it in cinema. I laughed so hard i almost fell out of the chair, especially when Borat wrestle naked with his friend Azamat. But that´s not all, there are so many classic scenes, such as when Borat and Azamat try to kidnap actress Pamela Anderson ( The Baywatch Icon ), since Borat want her as his wife. I could mention a lot more scenes. but lead actor Sacha Baron Cohen is absolutely brilliant as the character Borat. I promise you, if this film would have been released today, i am pretty sure some of the extreme feminists would want to ban this film forever, because of the strong vulgar humour. Luckily you can pick it up on DVD and Blu Ray, and this is a film worth owning. The next film that came to my mind was released in 2009, known as The Hangover. A really funny comedy about a bunch of guys who is having a bachelor party weekend in Las Vegas, and everything goes completely nuts. Directed by Todd Phillips, this film has a really funny tone on male friendship, and how far we men are willing to go with the best friends. The cast of Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and many more are really good as their characters. A must watch if you want a crazy comedy. Did you perhaps heard this summer about a new film called Good Boys ? I have been waiting to see this new comedy , ever since i heard some positive feedback on this film. Is this one of the funniest comedies in many years, or is Good Boys a desperate try just to cash in on comedy fans worldwide ?

Friends Max ( Jacob Tremblay ), Lucas ( Keith L. Williams ) and Thor ( Brady Noon ), enter sixth grade facing their own personal dilemmas. Max have a crush on classmate Brixlee ( Millie Davies ), Lucas learns that his parens are getting a divorce, and Thor drop his musical dreams because of teasing. Max want to kiss Brixlee at an upcoming party, so he and his friends uses his father´s valued drone, to hopefully learn how kissing works by spying with the drone on his teenage neighbor Hannah ( Molly Gordon ). Their plan goes bad, and the drone ends up at Hannahs home. They steal Hannah and her friend Lily´s ( Midori Francis ) drugs, to get the drone back. But this is about to become more complicated than anyone expected. And time is running out, the party is not very far away from happening.

Imagine a mixture of the 1999 classic American Pie but with younger teenagers, combined with Revenge Of The Nerds and you have Good Boys. This is a vulgar comedy that is not very family friendly , and i am sure some parents will not appreciate the tone of this film. However, if you enjoy vulgar comedies, i do think this film manage to bring some comedy highlights for us to appreciate. This film manage to bring up different subjects about how it is like growing up, and learning about sex, becoming a man and of course how to approach girls. There is nothing new to the table with Good Boys, but if you just want to laugh, i think this might be what you have been looking for. Let´s talk about the wonderful cast. Jakob Tremblay ( who you can see in The Predator ) plays the character Max, a guy who is very curious about sexuality and want to learn how to approach girls. The teenage character Thor, played by teen actor Brady Noon ( who i especially remember from the really good TV series Boardwalk Empire ) is the coolest character in this film. Thor is sort of a child version of legendary actor Michael Madsen, with his cool hair and tough attitude, but he loves musicals more than anything. Teen actor Keith L. Williams as the soft hearted character Lucas, gives this film some really funny moments with his girl screams and neerdy personality. Since a lot of comedies have a problem finding a funny Comedy tone, Good Boys manage to balance this in a positive way. Everything is not comedy gold, but i laughed more in this film than what i have in another comedy released this year so far. Director Gene Stupnitsky ( who was a producer on the very funny TV comedy series The Office ) have found a way to tell a pretty ordinary story, and make it funnier than i expected. This is not a comedy classic in any way, but i guarantee you will have a good time with Good Boys. What are you waiting for, check out Good Boys on VOD, DVD or Blu Ray, and have a good time.

Rating: DDD

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