onsdag 20 november 2019

Terminator: Dark Fate

There are some action movies that can age, and still look damn good, no matter how many years may pass by. The special effects may not be as good looking as they can do it today, but i have to say that i am ok with that. I am especially thinking about one of the greatest action films of the 80´s known as The Terminator. This classic film is directed by James Cameron, and tells the story of Sarah Connor ( played by actress Linda Hamilon ), who have no idea she is targeted to be killed by a Terminator ( Arnold Schwarzenegger ), a cyborg assassin sent from the future. But a Resistance fighter known as Kyle Reese ( Michael Biehn ) have also travelled from the future to protect Sarrah Connor. The Terminator is a perfect popcorn film for everyone, and director James Cameron managed to give us great characters and some really fun action scenes as well. But if you thought James Cameron could not make a worthy sequel to The Terminator, then you would be wrong. Termnator 2: Judgement Day turned out to be one of the best action sequels ever made. this film has everything you could wish for, such as epic battle scenes, big guns, lots of violence, fantastic CGI ( considering this film was released in 1991 ) and one of the most classic dialogue scenes in a 90´s film, is also in this film. Both these Terminator films is still today loved by action fans worldwide, and it would take a long time until Terminator would return. Not until the year of 2003, with the film Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines. This was not the sequel everyone was hoping for, and even if the film was not a box office bomb, fans of the previous films had some issues with the story. Of course we had to have more sequels, so in 2009 we got Terminator Salvation. Also a failure according to fans. In 2015 we finally seem to be going back to a more traditional style with Terminator Genisys. I personally enjoyed this film, but of course not nowhere as good as the first two films. So here we are with Terminator: Dark Fate, the film that is said to please fans of the earlier films. Do we finally have a fantastic sequel, or is Dark Fate more likely to be forgotten for all eternity ?

in 1998, three years after averting the threat of Skynet, Sarah Connor ( Linda Hamilton ) and John Connor ( Edward Furlong ) live a life of Peace in Livingston, Guatemala, when they come under attack by a T-800 ( Arnold Schwarzenegger ). The Terminator murder John Connor. 22 years later , and advanced Terminator, called Rev-9 ( Gabriel Luna ), is sent back in time to Mexico City, to murder Daniella "Dani" Ramos ( Natalia Reyes ), while a cybernetically-enchanced Soldier Grace ( Mackenzie Davis ), is sent to protect her. The Rev-9, infiltrates the assembly plant where Dani and her brother Diego Ramos ( Diego Boneta ) works. They survive the attack thanks to Grace, as they escape the assembly plant. The Rev-9 is on the hunt for Dani, who kills Diego and is suddenly attacked by Sarah Connor on the highway. She knows this will only slow down the Rev-9 for a while, so she bring the others with her to a motel room. Sarah reveales that she found them because in the years since John´s death, she have received encrypted messages detaling the locations of arriving Terminators, each ending "For John". Grace notice that neither Skynet or John exists in her timeline. Instead, humanity is threated by an AI called Legion, designed for cyberwarfare. They have no choice, they must make sure Dani survives or all humanity will be lost.

Let me begin with saying, this is the best Terminator sequel we had so far since Terminator 2. That does not mean that this sequel is nowhere near as good as that film, but i am impressed over certain details over Dark Fate. First of all i am so happy to see strong female characters kick ass on screen, this is exactly what a film like this needs. Actress Mackenzie Davis ( who i especially remember from the fantastic TV series Halt And Catch Fire ) as the character Grace, almost feels like a younger version of Sarah Connor, and i love to see her go all in, with some incredible fight scenes. Legendary actress Linda Hamilton is finally back as iconic character Sarah Connor, and to see her older but still bad ass is wonderful. Linda really give a performance that makes a very powerful impact on the big screen. Arnold Schwarzenegger is of course also back, as his legendary character T-800. Arnold knows exactly how to do his performance, and it is especially in the action scenes where he gets to shine most. Gabriel Luna ( who i only have seen before in the film Transpecos ) really surprised me, of how well he does the advanced Terminator prototype Rev-9. We needed an evil machine that works with the storyline, and Gabriel have clearly worked hard to make this character a worthy part of this franchise. Now, the story is actually pretty simple in Terminator: Dark Fate. And you see that this film is connected with the earlier films, without copying too much. The action scenes are hard, well made and are clearly inspired by Terminator 2. My only negative thought about this film, is that the ending perhaps reminded me a bit too much about the ending in T2. Other than that, i had a really good time with Terminator: Dark Fate. Director Tim Miller ( who directed the excellent film Deadpool ) have brought back Terminator in a way i did not think would be possible. This is the sequel we should have had a long time ago. So make sure to experience this film in cinema, and i guarantee you will have a lot of fun. Terminator: Dark Fate is without a doubt the best action film of 2019.

Rating: DDDD

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