fredag 20 mars 2020

Daniel Isn´t Real

Every child wants to have a friend. Someone you can share your thoughts with, play with and learn new things. But having good friends is not always a guarantee, since a lot of things can change during school years. There are parents out there who have seen their kids have imaginary friends. It might be just a phase for some kids, while other kids really believe that they have real friends that no one can see. If a child that is odd, and don´t have any real friends experience this, it could be a warning sign that this child needs help. When it comes to films with the subject of imaginary friends, we do have some titles to choose between. And i would especially like to talk about the film known as Donnie Darko. Released in 2001 and directed by Richard Kelly, this film tells the story of troubled teenager Donnie Darko ( played really good by actor Jake Gyllenhaal ) who sleeps outside and meets a man in a rabbit costume, who calls himself Frank. He informs Donnie that the world will end in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds. The next day Donnie wakes up in a golf course. not knowing how he got there. As he heads home he discover that a jet engine crashed into his bedroom. A lot of strange things are about to happen, as he continue to meet Frank at different locations. Donnie Darko is a really well made sci fi psychological thriller, that looks like nothing you have ever seen before. I conisder this to be one of the best films made during the early 2000´s. As you see this film, you might ask yourself :- Is Frank just imaginary, or is he real ? I strongly recommend that everyone should get the Blu Ray of Donnie Darko from Arrow Video. Late last year i was hearing a lot of buzz surrounding a film called Daniel Isn´t Real. A film that looked a lot different from most releases, with a very interesting trailer. I decided to pick this film up on a Blu Ray Release from Arrow Video ( they have a lovely selection of Blu Ray releases ). Is this one of the more original films i have seen in a long time, or is Daniel Isn´t Real a film that no one will remember at all ?

As a child, shy and troubled Luke witnessed the aftermath of a mass shooting at a neighborhood coffee shop. He meets anothet young boy among the people who is watching the crime scene, his name is Daniel. Luke and Daniel become best friends, and Luke´s mother Claire ( Mary Stuart Masterson ) don´t see Daniel at all, but let Luke play with Daniel, since she believe that ther is no harm for him to have an imaginary friend. Until one day when Daniel tell Luke to throw in medicines in a drink for his mother. She is very ill for a moment, and Claire realise that something is terribly wrong. Luke orders Daniel to go inside the doll house he have, left from his grandmother. He locks Daniel inside, and leave him behind. Many years later Luke ( Miles Robbins ) is now going to college, and is still very shy. He have no real friends, and is more worried about his mentally ill mother Claire. While visiting his mother´s home, he unlocks the dollhouse and let Daniel ( Patrick Schwarzenegger ) out, now an adult just as him. Luke realise that with Daniel´s help, he can be more daring, and feel like a man of his age. But with all this freedom with Daniel by his side, does he really know what the consequences are ?

I am so pleased to say that we finally have a film that should be experienced by everyone in the spring of 2020. Daniel Isn´t Real is like an explosion in your mouth of flavors, just like being at your favourite restaurant. You get the right ingredients, the right spicy flavors and a really elegant look as well, all combined with a very interesting story included. This is a film that takes you on a very psychological ride in insanity, imagination and reality, and you have to figure out what is real, and what is not real. If you have seen the 1990 cult classic film Jacob´s Ladder, then you are going to enjoy Daniel Isn´t Real. The plots of these films are totally different, but it feels like this film might have been inspired by Jacob´s Ladder. The story of young Luke who is struggling with personal issues, and helping his mentally ill mother, is told in a very powerful way. You can clearly see that Luke really believe that his imaginary friend Daniel is real, and what if he is ?This film have some really strong performances from the cast, and let us start with the main character Luke, played by actor Miles Robbins ( who you might recognize from the latest Halloween film ). Miles gives an acting performance that you will feel, emotionally and mentally. To be able to do that, you have to be able to dig deep into your character, and this is exactly what Miles manage to do. Chukwudi Iwuji  ( who i personally remember from the thriller film Exam ) as the therapist Dr. Braun, is another example of really good acting. Actress Sasha Lane ( who should be seen in American Honey ), proves once again why she is such a fantastic actor, and i am so pleased to see her here as the character Cassie. I could mention more actors in here, but we need to talk about the cinematography from Lyle Vincent. This film looks gorgeous, with all the colors and insanity lurking around the corner. Director Adam Egypt Mortimer have managed to make a horror film that feels original, mysterious and very unpredicted. A film that takes you on a very unique journey of insanity, and mental illness. I would have to say that Daniel Isn´t Real is the best horror film you can see right now this spring. I guarantee you will not find any better title than this in your Blu Ray shop, so pick up a copy and see how a true horror film should look like.

Rating: DDDD

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