lördag 14 mars 2020

The Reliant

There was something magical about TV shows during the 90´s. You had Walker Texas Ranger with Chuck Norris kicking ass, and of course you had Renegade with Lorenzo Lamas, who also knew how to use his fighting skills. Let´s not forget the greatest 90´s western TV series known as Brisco County, Jr with legendary actor Bruce Campbell. I also have to mention the crime drama TV series Nash Bridges, with legendary actors Don Johnson and Cheech Marin. A great combination of actors combined, and a pretty good TV show if you appreciate Don Johnson. For a younger generation today, these shows are probably not in their taste ( of course there are exceptions, because these actors have a large fan base worldwide ). But during the 90´s we also had Hercules, with Kevin Sorbo as the legendary greek culture hero. This was one of those shows you would watch, especially on weekends when TV3 showed every episode for years. Kevin was charming as Hercules, and he had a certain way to play this character, in his own unique way. Kevin Sorbo did a lot of TV movies for Hercules as well, and the TV series lasted for 6 seasons between 1995 - 1999. Of course this would be the biggest success of his career, but Kevin continued working hard. And in the year of 2000 he was casted as Captian Dylan Hunt in the science fiction TV series Andromeda. I have seen a couple of episodes of this TV series, and i have to say it is ok. If you are a fan of Stargate, the TV series, then you might enjoy Andromeda as well. I have seen Sorbo in a number of TV films as well over the years, and it was fun seeing him in Walking Tall: The Payback ( a sequel to the 2004 film Walking Tall with Dwayne " The Rock Johnson ). I know there is a third film in this franchise with Kevin Sorbo as well, but i have not seen that one. I recently came across a film known as The Reliant on VOD, a film that seems to bring up the issue of the right to wear guns in America. The perfect time to see a film like this, considering that the election in America is all over the news. Since i appreciate political films, i decided to check this film out. Is this one of the best political films in recent years, or is The Reliant ready to end up in a trash can ?

Rick ( Kevin Sorbo ) is a very dedicated family man, who wants to make sure that everything is working well in his family. But one day while visiting a store, everything is about to change when a riot has broken out in town, forcing everyone to escape their homes and protect themselves with firearms. A financial collapse is one of the reasons why things are out of control, and society is turning into a post-apocalypse. One of the men leading this riot is Jack ( Brian Bosworth ), who has a faud with Rick. Young Sophie ( Mollee Gray ) and her siblings will have to do everything they can to survive, and find a way to go back home.

The Reliant is clearly a film made for patriotic Donald Trump supporters. You should shoot anyone you want, and wear a gun anywhere you want, because that is the American way. Now, i understand that this film is especially made for patriotic Americans. The problem is for us who believe that wearing guns does not solve all your problems, don´t find much too appreciate with this film. I can also imagine that some people who are Christians will appreciate this film, since this film is made for that audience as well. The family that we follow feels like the Hallmark Channel family we have seen so many times before. Maybe more violent than the ordinary Hallmark family, but the same image of the great American family. They should have shown a more realistic view on the ordinary family instead, since the image they portrait here does not feel realistic. The acting is one of the things we need to talk about. Kevin Sorbo ( who dies way too early in this film ) is one of the few actors who deliver some kind of acting performance. I will say this though, actress Mollee Gray may be one of the highlights in this film. Other than this we don´t have any powerful acting performances. My biggest problem with The Reliant is that the plot is so focused on the right to wear weapons, that everything else feels forced into the story. You can´t take this film seriously, because as soon as the chaos begins, it feels like they already have chosen that people who don´t wear guns are the enemies. With a mentality like that, it is very hard to appreciate a film like this that basically tells you that you need weapons in your family, or you are stupid. The Reliant is a waste of time if you are looking for a good political drama. Director Paul Munger clearly wanted to give the audience a film that stand up for the American rights. And this is why he fails to deliver a good story, since he is so addicted into your rights that he has nothing more to say that matters. If you want a good political film, i suggest you watch the 2008 film Frost / Nixon instead, that includes really good acting and some very important political issues. Do yourself a favor, leave The Reliant alone, and i can guarantee that you will be pleased that you did.

Rating: D

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