söndag 8 mars 2020

Stay Out Stay Alive

Spring is finally here in Sweden. Well, maybe not exatcly where i live, since we still have lots of snow and ice. But i am hoping that we will get there soon, because i love to feel warmer days. Spring time is that time of year when you know, that you may finally get you chest out in the sun, and feel at home. When we have spring in Sweden, i love to pick out films that i feel give us a spring feeling, that better days are coming. Titles that gives us hope that snow will hopefully stop existing, because we don´t need it. I decided to pick out two films that gives me spring feelings, so let us begin with the first one called We Are Still Here. Directed by Ted Geoghegan and released in 2015, this film tells the story of Anne ( played by wonderful actress Barbara Crampton ) and Paul ( played by actor Andrew Sensenig ) move to a new home in New England. But in this new home, there is something evil within the walls. We Are Still here is a really well made low budget horror film, that brings back the 70´s nostalgia feeling, and feels like a tribute to old school horror films from this time period. Director Ted Geoghegan uses some really nice camera technique, that captures the feeling of demonic films from the past. If you have not pickep up We Are Still Here on DVD or Blu ray, you should on your online store. The next film that came to my mind as a wonderful spring film, is the 2014 found footage horror film Creep, directed by Patrick Brice. This film tells the story of videographer Anthony, who answers an online add for a man named Josef ( really good acting from Mark Duplass ), who needs someone to film his last days alive since he is suffering from cancer. He is about to become a father, so he wants his child to get to know who daddy really is. Anthony is about to find out that Josef is not who he claims to be. Creep is a really disturbing horror film, that shows how dangerous some people can be. This is a film you should see, if you love disturbing personalities. While buying some DVD´s lately i found a film called Stay Out Stay Alive, that i never heard of. The front cover looked great, so i decided to check it out. Is this a film that should be on your list of wonderful spring films to see, or is Stay Out Stay Alive a film you don´t need to waste your precisous time on ?

Five young hikers discover an abandoned goldmine dating back to the gold rush in the redwood forest. But what they do not kow, is that this mine is cursed by the native American indian Chief Tenaya. One of the hikers injure herself pretty bad in a fall accident inside the mine, while the others look for gold. But if they don´t stop stealing, this curse will make sure they will suffer a horrible destiny.

I did not know anything at all about this film really, Before checking it out on DVD. And i am glad i did not see any trailer, because this film is better than i expected. If you are expecting a typical slasher film, then i got good news for you. Stay Out Stay Alive is more of a mysterious horror film, about the curse of native American indian Chief Tenaya. Since most of the film takes place in the forest and inside the mine, you get a lot of beautiful scenes filmed at a very beautiful location. One of the biggest surprises of this film, is that the female cast is actually the highlight of this film. Actors such as Brie Matson ( who some of you will recognize in the monster horror film D-Railed ), Sage Mears, Christina July Kim and legendary actress Barbara Crampton all give their characters a worthy performance. I would not say that all actors give a good performance, but since this is an independent horror film i am pleasantly surprised. I have to say that Barbara Crampton proves once more why she is one of the true legends in horror films, and she is the perfect choice for the character Ranger Susanna. One of the things i appreciate with this film, is that it does not focus on showing the curse through a lot of ghost scenes, or evil spirits. This film is more focused on showing how people handle themselves, stuck in a situation they did not expect to experience. Would you be able to control yourself, if you found gold in a mine, or would you do anything it takes to make sure you get the gold out of there ? There are some supernatural moments in the film, but those scenes actually feels like a part of the story in a positive way. Director Dean Yurke ( who has worked on a lot of big budget films with visual effects, such as Transformers and Super 8 ) have made a directorial debut film that looks good, have an interesting historical background, and also manage to give us a surprising throwback to the 80´s in a positive way. I am curious to see what he will do next in his career. Stay Out Stay Alive is a horror film that will be appreciated, if you enjoy a project made with a passion for old school horror films. Support this film and pick up a DVD copy, so we can get more indepenent horror films made in the future.

Rating: DDD

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