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A Nun´s Curse

I have been in many countries across Europe, since i am very interested in other cultures and history of other countries. I usually try and go and listen to different tours of historical places, and you find out details that you might not know. And i remember one time, when i was in London back in 2012 ( i have been there 3 times, in different years ). I was going on a double decker with my wife, and listening to a guide on board the bus, and i remember when we passed a Catholic church, i saw a Nun standing there looking towards the bus. I don´t know why i felt a creepy feeling, but her staring at the bus did not give me a welcome feeling. I asked my wife is she noticed the Nun, and she did not really notice her. Maybe my wife was focused more on listening on the bus guide, but i did not forget that Nun. So, the next day as we went on another double decker bus, and the bus passed the same Catholic church, and i did not see that Nun there. But i just had to watch if i would see her again, because there was something unsettling about her. Maybe she is a great woman, who knows. But that day she stared at us on the bus, did not feel good. Nuns can be scary, and i think we all have seen that through The Conjuring franchise. There are a lot of Nun horror movies to choose between, and one film i feel should be mentioned in here, is the 2005 horror film known as The Nun ( not connected with the 2018 horror film with the same name ), where a Nun terrorizes her students. Even if this film have no surprising twists, i have to say that this film works thanks to some simple, but effective old school horror tricks. I have to mention that director Luis De La Madrid shows that you don´t need a really big budget to make a horror film about an evil Nun to work. Since the 2018 film The Nun came out, we have seen a lot of horror films that have borrowed the same concept of that film. Unfortunately, not many of those releases have turned out to be very interesting. But then i heard a review of A Nun´s Curse on the YouTube movie review channel Geek Legion Of Doom. This film did sound interesting, so i decided to pick up a DVD from Uncork´d Entertainment. Do we finally have a horror film with a Nun that works, or is A Nun´s Curse just as bad as you might have expected ?

Sisters Ashley-Kae ( Erika Edwards ) and Gabby ( Kristi Ray ) are travelling across the country with two friends, while Ashley-Kae wants to take photos of old places, who have a historical meaning. Especially one location, where Ashley knows the story of Sister Monday ( Felissa Rose ), the Nun who murdered prisoners. The group experience a storm coming and decide to go to the abandoned prison where Sister Monday used to live and practise her evil deeds. They are about to see that Sister Monday, never really left this prison.

This film does not start off good, with a fake storm. But once we pass the fake storm, things turn to the better. Of all the Nun horror B movies that have been released over the last 4 years, A Nun´s Curse is actually one of the better releases. What this film actually manage to do, is take it´s time to build up tensions, through the creepy location of an old prison. It may take some time before we do see the Nun known as Sister Monday, but when her demonic spirit show up, she does look creepy. And this is one detail we have to be pleased about, that this film actually have an evil Nun that works with the plot. Sister Monday is actually played by legendary actress Felissa Rose ( who horror fans remember mostly from Sleepaway Camp ), and she is actually one of the most interesting characters in this film. But i have to say, the chemistry between characters Ashley-Kae ( played by actress Erika Edwards ) and Michael ( played by actor Gunner Willis ) may be the highligt of this film. Their dialogue scenes clearly shows that they made an attempt to bring us characters that are easy to like. Actress Kristi Ray plays Ashely´s sister Gabby, and considering what a bitch this character is, i feel that Kristi Nails this through her performance. I will have to admit that the ending is a bit cheesy, but overall i would have to say that A Nun´s Curse at least tries to make an effort to give us a Nun horror movie, that is made for fans of old school horror. There are flaws, and there are also some details that could have been polished. But considering the limited budget, this film looks pretty good. Director Tommy Faircloth clearly felt inspired by old school horror Nun films, and manage to bring out that feeling through the right locations and effective colorful scenes. Does this film have flaws ? Of course, there are details that could have been done better, especially the ending scene that should have been more effective. But overall, i would have to say A Nun´s Curse is at least a better attempt than a lot of Nun horror films in recent years, and that´s good enough for me.

Rating: DDD

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