onsdag 14 oktober 2020

The Source Of Shadows

Horror films have captured the heart of audiences worldwide, and director´s from a lot of countries have managed to deliver some really delightful horror ideas brought to the big screen. I personally prefer horror directors who dare to combine different horror genres, and bring us interesting stories. One way to do this is to make an anthology horror film, so you bring together different directors from all over the world, and they can all tell their story, in their own unique way. Anthology horror films are usually not predictable, since you never really know what each story will bring to the audience. One example of a great anthology horror film that managed to do this well, is the 2012 horror film The ABCs Of Death. This film is a little bit different from some other anthology horror films, since each story is based on a letter from the alphabet, where each story is also connected with a certain word. And let me tell you, there are some great stories in this film that actually work as a short horror story. Since there are so many directors here on board to this film, i could mention 2 stories that i especially remember. Let us begin with the story Exterminate, from director Angela Bettis ( who is an actress known for her performances in Lucky McGee´s films May and The Women ). This story surrounds a man who attempts to kill a spider, but it turns out that this spider is actually stalking him. The one thing i especially enjoy about Exterminate, is that the spider is actually creepy, even if it´s not big. It is like the spider is watching it´s prey, almost as if the man have been chosen. One of my favourite short stories in this film is called Libido from director Timo Tjahjanto, who tells the disturbing story of men being chained up to masturbate, no matter what they have to watch. If they don´t masturbate, they will be killed, even hos disturbing the show is. There are some fun practical effects as well, that i did not expect. If you have not seen The ABCs Of Death, pick it up on DVD for a good price, and pick up the sequel as well, both are worth watching. One anthology horror film i have had in mind to Watch for some time now, is the horror film The Source Of Shadows. It was thanks to YouTube movie reviewer Happywax TV i noticed this film, and since i am a fan of anthology horror films, i thought it would be interesting to check out. Is this a good choice for this Halloween, or is The Source Of Shadows a waste of your precious time ?

11 stories, from 11 different director´s, telling their story in their own unique way. Are you ready to experience each story, and find out what we really fear ?

If you are the kind of person who enjoy putting out your wonderful tea set, with some tasteful biscuits to enjoy, while putting out some cozy candle lights to light up your living room in the autumn rain, then i have a feeling that The Source Of Shadows is a perfect match for you. You see, this is the kind of film that will make you tea lovers feel right at home, as if you are experiencing one of the most wonderful tea moments, that you never would have expected. The Source Of Shadows have some very divided stories, that are not really connected in any way. But that´s ok, because an anthology horror film does not need to be connected to be interesting. In the case of The Source Of Shadows, you actually have some really interesting short stories, and let´s get into some of my favourites. Let us begin with the story Bestia from director Gigi Saul Guerrero. A very interesting story of a man who seems to be hunted by some kind of beast, or something evil. I especially love the way this short story is told, how we fear the unkown. Another really good short story is Banshee from director Adam O´ Brien, that tells the story of a little girl who is sure that there is something demonic in her bedroom, as her mother believe it is all just a dream. The demon you will see towards the end is really cool, and i love the simple but effective special effects. Don´t Look Into Their Eyes from director John Rhee reminded me of Japanese horror films, and this short story actually manage to pull this off in a positive way. Every short story may not be fantastic, but The Source Of Shadows is one of the better horror anthology films i have seen this year. If you are a fan of this genre, i think you should pick this film up on DVD and support independent films makers, so we can get other horror anthology films made ( maybe even a sequel to this film ). If you are planning to see an anthology horror film this Halloween, pick up The Source Of Shadows on DVD, and i can guarantee that you will have a good time, while carving your pumpkins.

Rating: DDD

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