torsdag 1 oktober 2020

An Hour To Kill ( A Request Review From Joe Williamson )

Sometimes when you hear the name of one actor, you respond in different ways. Some might not be sure who the person is, while some people know exactly who that person is. I could easily name a lot of great actors, and most of you would be sure wat films the actor have been in. So let´s talk about one actor, that i am sure that most of you people worldwide know who he is. If i say the name Mel Novak, i know a lot of you remember some of his greatest classics right away. There is no doubt that he have been in some wonderful films such as Game Of Death with Bruce Lee, and of course An Eye For An Eye with Chuck Norris. Mel have continued working in the movie industry for a very long time, and i have seen him in several DVD releases over the years. One of the films that i do remember, is the 2004 action film SWAT Warhead One. What i especially remember about this film ( a part from that Mel Novak is in this film ) is that legendary action star Oliver Gruner is also in this film. There are some hard hitting fighting scenes in this film, gun battles, and the special effects does look pretty old today, even if this film was released in 2004. The one thing i will say about this film, is that legendary actor Mel Novak did at least make an attempt to make his character fit in with the story. This is actually a film that is hard to find today, and if you do you will have to pay more than the ordinary DVD prize. When ever i get a request to Review a film, i try and make my wishes come true for my readers. And film producer Joe Willamson reached out to me, and asked if i could review the film An Hour To Kill, where legendary actor Mel Novak is also included in the film. I have not seen this film before, so i finally got a chance to sit down and watch it. Is this a film that people should be checking out, or An Hour To kill a film that will most likely be forgotten ?

Assassins Frankie ( Frankie Pozos ) and Gio ( Aaron Guererro ) have an hour to kill before they are supposed to take out their next hit. To help pass the time, they entertain themselves by sharing horror stories to each other. 

I had no idea that An Hour To Kill is an anthology film, divided into different stories. I usually enjoy anthology films, if the film have some interesting stories. My biggest problem with An Hour To Kill is that i only enjoy the main characters in the story An Hour To Kill, and that is the assassins Gio and Frankie. They actually have a good chemistry on screen, and actors Frankie Pozos and Aaron Guererro are the ones who help this film carry through all the way. Legendary actor Mel Novak does of course bring something special to the table, in the few minutes he is in. While the other stories have different characters, and completely different stories to tell, none of them work as good as the main story of An Hour To Kill. I understand that this film was planned to be an anthology film, and i have no problem with that as long as we get some good stories. But without any story as good as the main story An Hour To Kill, this anthology film have a hard time carrying out something more than just stories, that does not really leave any big impact. I am happy to say though that actors Frankie Pozos and Aaron Guererro match with their characters, and if only this film was focused just on them, i believe this would be a better film. One problem with this film is that the gun shootings are clearly fake, and you can see it clearly. If you have gun shootings scenes, you are hoping to at least see the gun fire off, and not pretending to shoot. An Hour To Kill does have a story that should have been the main story, instead of an anthology film. It´s not a horrible film, but it feels like they decided to play around a little bit too much when they had a great story and great characters that should have been the main characters in the whole film. Director Aaron K. Carter does have a good idea behind the assassin story of An Hour To Kill, but for some reason decided to go in too many different directions. If you are a big fan of Mel Novak, i suggest you check this film out. Otherwise, only see this film for the best segment known as An Hour To Kill. Maybe we can see Frankie Pozos and Aaron Guererro in their own film in the future, i have a feeling that would be interesting to see.

Rating: DD

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