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Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery Of Prodigious Bride To American Regime For Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation Of Kazakhztan ( Borat Gift Of Sexy Monkey To Vice Premier Mikhael Pence For Make Benefit Recently Diminished Nation of Kazahkstan )

Comedy is not what it used to be. There used to be a time when you could joke about anything, that includes homosexuals, transexuals, different personalities in society, different religions, different nationalities. And why is that? I think there are many reasons why it is harder to joke in society today. I remember the good old days, when me and my friend Robert could sit at the strip club and joke with strippers, and they had a great time with us. We respected the girls, and did not touch them, but we did joke a lot, and they were all in on this. Today, you can´t joke on the same level, and that is because of a movement we have in Sweden called " Swedish Extreme Feminist Savages ". If you ever meet these women, you should follow the following rules:

* If you are a man, hide in any building, and don´t go out until they have gone, or you might not have your " Schleizerneinen " anymore.
* Do not say you love Magnum P.I. with Tom Selleck, this is the thing that Swedish Extreme Feminist Savages hate most of all, because of hairy chest and mustache.
* If you see any of these women burn DVD´s of Road House with Patrick Swayze, you know this is their way of saying:- Men should not exist.

But there was a time of hope that i still remember, that changed everything to the better. And that was the year of 2006, when one film gave all men hope for a better world. And we can all thank the comedy film called Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan, with comedian actor Sacha Baron Cohen in the lead role as Kazakh journalist Borat Sagdiyev. Borat is still one of the funniest comedy´s in the last 14 years. This film made fun of everyone, Americans, Jewish people, Homosexuals, Christians, Feminists, basically everyone. And this is why i loved this film, because we needed a comedy film that was not afraid to offend everyone, and Sacha Baron Cohen is brilliant as Borat. The first film showed us his journey to America, where he planned to learn the Culture of America, and he finds his Dream wife Pamela Andersson who he nust kidnap. There are so many funny scenes in this film, but the wrestling scene between Borat and his friend Azamat while they are naked, will be a future classic. If you by any chance have not seen the first Borat film, you have to see it. No one expected to see a sequel to Borat be released this year, but they actually made a film in secret. So of course i was really happy to see the greatest Journalist from Kazakhstan return, and travel back to America one more time. This film had it´s premiere on Amazon Prime, so of course i just had to get it to watch this film. Is this sequel almost as good as the first film, or is the charm of Borat gone forever with this sequel ?

14 years ago, the movie Borat humiliated the population of Kazhakstan, causing Borat Sagdiyev ( Sacha Baron Cohen ) to be imprisoned for life. 14 years later, the country´s Premier, Nursultan Nazarbayev ( Dani Popescu ) releases him, with a mission to deliver Kazakh Minister of Culture Johnny The Monkey ( Kazakhstan´s most famous porn star ) to Donald Trump in an attempt to redeem the nation. Borat goes to America, but since he took a dump right in front of the Trump International Tower outside, he can not deliver the gift to Trump personally. So he must bring Johnny The Monkey  to Vice President. But there is a major problem, when the delivery of Johnny arrives to America, he is dead, and inside the box is his daughter Tutar Sagdiyev ( Maria Bakalova ). If Borat do not succeed with his mission, he will be killed in Kazakhstan, so he must find another way to make everything alright.

I knew it would be tricky making a sequel to such a classic film as Borat, but i have to say this is a solid sequel. Is it as funny as the first film? Unfortunately no, but there are still a lot of funny scenes who will piss off a lot of people, and that is exactly what we want in a film like this. Borat go on with his wonderful personality, and he does not care if he offends anyone, just as it should be. One thing that makes this film unique, was that it was filmed during the pandemic, so this gives Borat a completely different experience in America. Some of the funniest scenes is when Borat goes home to Trump supporters, or when he tries to give Vice President Mike Pence his own daughter as a gift. There are a lot more scene i could mention, but im gonna leave those surprises until you seen the film yourself. One thing that i actually think turned out to be a good idea for this sequel, is the relationship between Borat and his daughter Tutar ( really well played by Bulgarian actress Maria Bakalova ). This is no ordinary father / daughter relationship, and how can it be when we know that Borat is the father? There are some really funny scenes between these characters, and i guarantee you will laugh, especially in the scenes when Tutar tries to learn to behave like an American lady, and of course that can´t end well. Sacha Baron Cohen does a really good job portraying Borat again, and we know that no one can do this character the way that he does. How does this sequel manage to bring in some polictical messages in this time around ? I would say that there are some scenes where we get a glimpse of political satire, especially towards Donald Trump. Since there are not many comedies out there today that can make me laugh, Borat 2 does exactly what i wanted this film to do, give me a really good time. It´s not a classic as the first film, but this could be the funniest comedy of 2020. Director Jason Woliner manage to bring out some of the things we would expect to see in a new Borat film, and still bring in some fresh ideas as well. If you are an extreme feminist you will hate this movie, and that makes me love this film even more, high five……

Rating: DDDD

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