söndag 15 november 2020

In Early 2021, I Will Be Doing Two Reviews Of Friday The 13th Fan Films.... Never Hike Alone, And.... Never Hike In The Snow

 Greetings movie lovers!

This is your favourite Swedish movie critic Daniel speaking, and yes, i know you are all excited to see me here. I love you all my readers as well, and for this reason i have decided to do something for next year, especially for fans of the Friday The 13th franchise.

As you may know, those who are big fans of Friday The 13th, there have been several fan films made over the years, where especially one of them did get positive reviews and respect from fans of this genre. And that is a Friday The 13th fan film known as Never Hike Alone, released in 2017. I actually have not seen this film myself, but ever since i heard about this project i was curious to check it out. But it was actually this year i discovered this film, through an Indiegogo campaign for Never Hike In The Snow, wich is a prequel to Never Hike Alone. So to make it more fun for all you fans of Friday The 13th, i will be doing reviews for both of these films, in early 2021. I can not say exactly when, depending on when i get the chance to see them. But you know that these reviews will be made, sometime during early 2021. How exciting is that? Yes i agree, it is more exciting than former pop band East 17 member Brian Harvey´s conspiracy videos on Youtube.

Stay tuned for more information, and i have more reviews coming your way before the year ends, and....this year i will also do a Top 3 Worst Movies Of 2020, isn´t that wonderful folks? Yes i believe so, this should be appreciated by all readers for sure. So if you are a fan of Friday The 13th films, now you know you have something to look forward to in 2021.

Take care everyone, and remember, support independent films and B movies, so we can get more films made in the future, the most important lesson for today.

Cheers from Daniel 

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