fredag 6 november 2020

The Candy Witch

Everyone loves some kind of candy. No matter if it is chocolate, gummy bears, marshmallows, we all have our favourites. I personally love chocolate of all kinds, especially with nuts. It is a perfect snack while watching a film or TV series. And to be honest, in Sweden we buy more candy than our Scandinavian neighbors. Why do we do that? First of all i believe it is because swedes loves candy, that we have what you call " a sweet tooth ". The second reason why Swedish people love candy, is because when we think about the good times in Swedish history, when everyone celebrated with their favourite candy to the album release of legendary Swedish solo artist Richard Herrey, when he released his solo album Jag E Kung ( translation I Am King ) in the year of 2006. I still remember the day this album was released. The CD stores in Stockholm had fans going nuts to get their hands on Richard Herrey´s new solo album. It was almost like being at a concert with hip hop artist Coolio, everyone wanted a piece of him. And for some strange reason, candy sales did really good during this time, so i am pretty sure we can see a connection here to the album release. So, when ever swedes see candy at the store, they look back at the year of 2006 and remember the good days, when Richard Herrey made one of the greatest album in Swedish history. Speaking of candy, most of us think about candy in films such as Willy Wonka´s Chocolate Factory with legendary actor Gene Wilder, but there are other films as well that has a Connection to candy. Some of you might have seen the wonderful film Candy Corn, from director Josh Hasty. A fun Halloween horror film, where you find a connection to the candy known as candy corn with some nasty kills. This film also have legendary actor Courtney Gains, that most horror fans remember from Children Of The Corn. Since i also love candy, i found an interesting DVD title from Uncork´d Entertainment called The Candy Witch. Could this become a new candy favourite in Sweden on movie nights, or is The Candy Witch a big mess from start to finish ?

Paranormal investigators Reece ( Jon Callaway ) and Kat ( Abi Kasson Thompson ) ar contacted to go out to an old house in the countryside to investigate a new case. At a family home, there is a ghost known as The Candy Witch walking around their property. Reece is determined to find out why she is haunting this family…...

One advantage with The Candy Witch is that this film takes place in a lovely old house in England, so you get that British cozy feeling. I personally enjoy horror films that use British locations, because it makes it feel more natural, as if this could be in any smaller town. I also think the idea behind a candy witch is actually a good idea for a horror film. It reminds me of the German fairy tale of Hansel And Gretel, where a cannibalistic witch tries to make the children fat by candy, so she can eat them. The Candy Witch is of course not the same witch as in the book, but you can sense a similarity to the candy theme, and she is a witch of course, so they might have been inspired by the classic fairy tale when they made this film. Speaking of the witch, there are some scenes where she sneaks up in the dark, that actually work. My main problem with the witch is the make up effects. If you want to make a witch scary, you need to make sure that you get her make up effective. And that is one of the things that i feel should have been done better in this film, because without effective make up effects, you don´t get that scary feeling that you are hoping for. One of the things i do enjoy about this film, is that the witch actually attack her victims with a candy cane ( and a cookie cutter as well ). And this might be the best part of this film, that we have a different kind of murder tool than in most horror films. There are some brutal kills as well, that i actually appreciate. The acting is very divided in this film. Some of the actors do ok, while some don´t really make a big impact. One of the better performances comes from actress Kate Milner Evans as the character Trish, and a shout out to actress Kate Lush who plays The Candy Witch, she does alright as the witch. Director Rebecca Matthews have some good ideas with The Candy Witch, and there are parts of this film that i do enjoy. But the make up effects on the witch did not work very well, unfortunately. If we do get a sequel, i hope this could be improved, since i would actually like to see actress Kate Lush return as the witch. If you have nothing else to watch, give The Candy Witch a chance, but don´t expect anything unique with this film. Anyone wants some candy? Oh good, do i have some treats for you……

Rating: DD

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