onsdag 3 mars 2021

Bullets Of Justice

Crazy times we are living in. People get offended by everything these days, and i mean everything. It is like it´s not ok to love nudity, film violence, or vulgar humour, because if you do then you are the biggest asshole of all time. But if this is the future, then it´s fine with me. I will continue to love nudity, video violence and vulgar comedy, because i grew up in the 80´s and this have always been a part of my life. Does this make me an asshole? Probably in some people´s minds, but that´s ok. You can´t be loved by everyone right ? So to all of you prude people, i will never change into one of you, that´s for sure. When ever i want to have fun, i watch over the top B movies that includes the following ingredients:

# Big guns
# Explosions
# Hot girls
# Cheesy dialogue
# Funny bad acting

If you have all of these ingredients in one film, you can´t go wrong. This is basically the perfect balance to make your day perfect. There are so many fun B movies that i could easily bring up, but i decided to focus on one specific film that i will always remember and cherish, And that is the 2011 film Manborg from director Steven Kostanski ( who also directed one of my personal favourite independent horror films known as The Void, a must see for everyone ). Manborg is a love letter to all the video violence films you remember from the 80´s and 90´s, with crazy characters, lots of action, really fun dialogue and most of all, this is a film for couples to watch. This is the perfect film to spice up your love life. How do i know? I heard from.....a cousin….about 600 miles away from me. So this must be true then, right? Manborg tells the story of Count Draculon ( Adam Brooks ) and his Nazi vampires who wants to take over the Earth. But not as long as Manborg ( Matthew Kennedy ) is around, who plans to wipe out the Nazi vampires and their leader. Everyone should pick up Manborg on DVD or Blu Ray, especially now since this film turns 10 years this year, so we all can celebrate. Last year, probably around Christmas, i was seeing people discussing online a film they have seen called Bullets Of Justice. And according to those who watched the film, this is a must see. I finally got a chance to see Bullets Of Justice on VOD. Is this the perfect way to prepare ourselves for Easter, or should you bury this film deep underground, never to be found?

It is Third World War in the United States Of America. The American government initiates a secret project code named " Army Bacon " in order to create super soldiers by inbreeding human beings with pigs. 25 years later a breed called " Muzzles " have occupied the top of the foos chain, eating and farming humans like animals. Rob Justice ( Timur Turisbekov ) is an ex-Bounty hunter working for the last line of human resistance, a group of survivors hiding in a nuclear bunker underground. Rob needs to find a way to destroy these mutated pigs, no matter what it takes.

What a perfect way to begin spring of 2021, in the company of Bullets Of Justice. This film is a really fun throwback to films such as Machete, Manborg and many other similar films, that includes extreme violence, lots of nudity, really fun acting and dialogue that you fall in love with. This is the kind of film you want to see, if you don´t care about the plot, but just want to have a really good time. And to throw in pig mutants on top of this is a brilliant idea, because who does not want to see pig mutants who loves human flesh? In many ways you can say that Bullets Of Justice pays tribute to the grindhouse cinema with this film, considering how much they feel inspired by films in this genre. And for that i thank the whole film crew, they really did a wonderful job with capturing the feeling of grindhouse influences. So what about the characters? Well, if you can accept bad acting, this film makes sure that you will have some good laughs. Lead actor Timur Turisbekov make his character Rob Justice into a combination of Lorenzo Lamas legendary character Reno Raines in classic TV series Renegade, and Sam Worthington´s character Marcus Wright in Terminator Salvation. So a perfect combination, if you ask me. The best character though in this film is Raksha, played by actress Doroteya Toleva. Have you ever seen a woman in mustache kicking mutant pigs ass? No? Well have no fear, this is exactly what you will see Raksha do. She also have sex with Rob Justice, looks pretty strange seeing him make out with a woman with mustache, but i guess we are all turned on by different things, right? If you are looking for a fun B movie that does not take anything serious at all, and wants both lots of violence and sex, look no further. Bullets Of Justice is a really fun ride, that does not care what is allowed, they just do whatever they want. Director Valeri Milev ( who directed the fun zombie film Re-Kill ) give the audience all the ingredients for a cozy weekend. I feel in such a good mood now thanks to Bullets Of Justice, i might run naked down the highway naked if that´s ok. Sometimes, you got to show happiness in your own unique way.

Rating: DDDD

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