måndag 1 mars 2021

What To Watch This Easter? I Know Exactly What To Choose: The Legend Of Hercules ( 2014 )

Easter, the holiday weekend where we get to eat lots of great food, paint eggs, wrestle with The Easter Bunny ( that son of a bitch is strong, i might have to use a sledgehammer next time ) and try eggnog, a milk punch drink that have been around for....at least 2000 years, i think? Every year we try and celebrate easter with a dinner, except for last year. Since it was not possible in 2020, we just changed plans. This year it looks like we will not gather family either because of the pandemic, so it is good to get a good advice on what to watch on physical media ( or on VOD ).

So if you have seen the Sharknado franchise, and you have seen all the Bring It On sequels ( yes, i know what men watch when their girlfriends / wives are not at home ), my best advice for this easter is that you watch the Renny Harlin film called The Legend Of Hercules.

Released in 2014, this film was a big box office bomb at that time. But i actually see this film as entertaining, for a couple of reasons. It has cheesy fun dialogue, fun characters that take their roles too seriously, and we get action scenes that delivers popcorn fun. I will say that this is not one of director Renny Harlins better films, he have done a lot better films in the past. But if you enjoy action fantasy films, especially that takes place in ancient Greece, then this should be worth checking out. Lead actor in this film Kellan Kutz ( Yes, the same guy from the Twilight films ), may not be the greatest action hero on the big screen, but as Hercules he does deliver a good time. Not because of the acting, but in the action scenes. This film also have legendary action actor Scott Adkins as King Amphitryon, who is actually one of the best characters in this film. So why this film of all the choices? Because not many people have seen this film, honestly. And i think the biggest reason for this is because this film was not popular, people did not really care to watch it. But i think we might turn this around this easter, if people give this film a chance. So remember the title The Legend Of Hercules, and i guarantee that the eggnog will help your movie night become more fun. I hope you enjoy my advice, and have a great spring, and i will see you soon with fresh movie reviews.

Cheers from Daniel!

Here is where you can find the film on Blu Ray from Germany at a good price ( just press the used Blu Ray from MEDIMOPS choice, and you can buy a copy for each family member for a great price ), isn´t that a fantastic idea?


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