onsdag 17 mars 2021

Tale Of Tails Season 1

Sweden have a history of good directors, especially director Thomas Alfredson. If you for some reason don´t know what films he have directed, we need to bring up at least two films. Let us begin with my personal favourite, and that is the 2008 horror drama Låt Den Rätte Komma In ( Let The Right One In ). I mentioned this film in my review of Andra Sidan ( that i published earlier this month, and there you can read what the film is about ). This is one of those films i can watch again, no matter how many years go by, and it still holds the same level of quality as it did back in 2008. Let´s get to my second favourite film from director Thomas Alfredson, and that is the 2011 Cold War spy thriller Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. This is not a Swedish film, but if you enjoy really good thrillers, this is a film you need to see. Thomas Alfredson managed to bring back this genre on the right track, and especially with the fantastic cast of Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Tom Hardy, John Hurt, Benedict Cumberbatch, Toby Jones and many more. Just reading that list makes you jump of joy, because these are some really powerful actors. I suggest you watch both films if you have not seen them, both of them are really good. But there are directors that are originally from Sweden, who works hard in America and does not get the respect that they deserve, in their home country. A perfect example of that is director Harley Wallen, who have directed quite a lot of films over the years, including short films as well. The first time i saw one of his films was in September last year, and that film was Eternal Code. One of the first things i noticed with Eternal Code, is that director Harley Wallen knows how to take on a serious subject such as the medical industry, and create an emotional story. I also feel that this film did a great job with the portrait of character Oliver, played by legendary actor Richard Tyson. I suggest you check this film out on VOD, or DVD, as long as you support his work. I have been hearing for quite some time about a brand new independent TV series called Tale Of Tales, that is getting a lot of respect from critics, and even winning awards as well. I managed to get an exclusive look at Tales Of Tales, to write a review for the whole season. Director Harley Wallen seems to be getting the respect that he deserves, so is this brand new TV series one of the highlights of 2021, or were my expectations too high ? 

Tails is not a White-collar gentlemen´s club. It´s a borderline-legal bar with topless dancers, where the owner Nick ( Harley Wallen ) makes sure his customers enjoy the striptease shows. When a young woman is found dead in the bathroom of Tails, Nick have no plans of getting blamed for this, so he does not want the cops sneaking around. Detective Alison Olsen ( Kaiti Wallen ) don´t believe anything that Nick says, and she is determined to find out the truth. 

I am quite shocked honestly. I did not expect to see one of the best TV series of this year this early, but here we are with Tale Of Tales, and director Harley Wallen does not only hit a strike with this TV series, but this is also his best work as an director. Harley gives us a very realistic portrait, especially from the reality of a strip club. How do i know? I used to visit especially one favourite strip club in the early 2000´s, almost every month after payday ( i have so many wonderful memories from there, especially one night to the song Black Coffee by British pop band All Saints ), and i got a chance to know the girls, and the staff as well. So for me personally, i feel that Tale Of Tails does a very good job on portraying that business in a realistic way. One thing i have to mention is that this TV series looks really good, with really beautiful colors, especially in the strip club scenes. To be honest, i can´t remember the last time i saw girls doing striptease dancing that natural, as they do in Tale Of Tails. But the whole plot is not only inside the strip club, so there are other locations that are connected with the storyline, and the investigation. Let´s get into the acting, and i have to say that Harley Wallen delivers his best acting performance so far in Tale Of Tails, compared to his previous films. This is exactly what i wanted to see, Harley going all the way in for his character Nick. How would i describe Nick? Well, in some people´s minds i can imagine that they would think he may not be very nice. But i can understand him, from a business perspective. If you want to run a strip club, you need customers to pay, and you need the right kind of girls to please the visitor. Does he have a good heart? I would say that he does have a friendly personality to those who know him, but his bad side causes him damage. I also feel that he is struggling with a lot of personal issues, and he clearly have a lot of anger against his brother, and this affects him. Actor Trevis R. Marcum is the funniest character in Tale Of Tailes, as the character Roadie. And he is without a doubt the right man to call out every girl on stage, as he also gets to deal with many unexpected situations. Actress Kaiti Wallen definetely surprised me with her performance as Alison Olsen, and this is definetely her best acting performance so far. She clearly worked really hard to give her character a realistic portrait. Tale Of Tails takes on many different serious issues, such as murder, criminals and family issues, and do it in a very effective way. Director Harley Wallen knows how to connect the right strings, while adding some nice surprises along the way. If you don´t know what TV series is going to find an audience worldwide this year, i can tell you right now that Tale Of Tails will knock most of them out. Finally a TV series that´s both realistic and gives us an honest portrait of the strip club industry, and manage to to bring a solid crime story into the mix, with great characters included. I salute to you Harley Wallen, for making a TV series that´s definetely going to make a huge impact. Tale Of Tails is a must see for everyone. 

Rating: DDDD

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