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Medusa: Queen Of The Serpents

Greek mythology have a lot of well known historical stories, that´s been told by the ancient Greeks. I have visited different locations in Greece while i was there on vacation, and i have seen places such as Mount Ida ( or Psiloritis ). According to mythology, it was here where Cronos, one of the original titans, tried to destroy all of his offspring by eating them in order to prevent fulfilment of the prophecy that predicted his downfall at the hands of one of his children. Mount Ida is also said to be place where Rhea, Zeus mother, decided to hide him in a cave to protect him. I remember as we went there with our tourist guide, and it was actually quite fascinating hearing the stories of Mount Ida. It is one thing reading about Greek mythology, but visiting real locations really gives you a complete different view into the history. As the tour took a break, we ended up having raki on a local restaurant, and it was a perfect way to enjoy the day, with some nice greek food. I have seen some other historical places as well in Greece, but there are plenty of places that i have not seen. Maybe one day i will get a chance to see more, at least that´s what i am hoping for. Greek mythology in films can be found in several Hollywood productions. One of the films i actually enjoy that have Greek mythology characters, is the sequel to the Clash Of The Titans remake, known as Wrath Of The Titans. I think it is a better film than the 2010 remake, and includes better special effects and better acting performances as well. Sam Worthington is still not a powerful lead actor, but he did a better job with this sequel. Legendary actors Liam Neeson as Zeus and Ralp Fiennes as Hades, also gave better performances than in the previous film. You might remember that in the 2010 remake of Clash Of The Titans, we did get to see a CGI version of Medusa, one of the Gorgons in Greek mythology. Known as the winged human female with snakes in her hair, who could turn anyone to stone, who looked into her eyes. I have always been fascinated about the stories of Medusa in Greek Mythology, and when i heard earlier this year that a film was on the way called Medusa: Queen Of The Serpents was coming out, i knew i had to check this film out. I finally got a chance to rent this film on VOD, so is this film much better than i expected, or is this a film you should avoid at all cost?

Carly Beacon ( Megan Purvis ) return to the trailerpark, where she once used to work as a prositute. Stills truggling with a drug addiction, she does not have any other place to go. As she see a new client one night, she gets bitten by a snake. At first she can only see that she have been bitten, but her body is suddenly going through some changes. She is not the same woman that she used to be, and she is not prepared for what´s to come.

This is definetely a bit of an odd independent horror film, that takes place in a trailer park with prostitutes, out in the countryside. There might be prostitues in trailer parks in the countryside, in real life, but this is actually one of the few films that shows this side of the countryside. Of course there is prostitution everywhere, no matter if we are talking about a city or outside in a forest area. But i do think that the idea of this countryside trailerpark actually is a good idea, especially when you have a prostitute who changes through a snake bite. It takes a little while for this film to make the plot interesting. This is a bit of a slow burner, and that´s ok. The best part is when you actually get to see the main character Carly suddenly starting to change, with her snake eyes, skin falling off, as she is getting new skin, just like a snake. Since we are talking about the main character, actress Megan Purvis, who plays the prostitute Carly, you can tell she have lived a difficult life. Megan manage to capture that through her facial expressions, and i think she is a good choice to this character. I also enjoy the performance of actress Sarah T. Cohen as the character Simone. I especially think that the background story of what happens to Carly, as she becomes Medusa, is quite interesting. The ending is actually where we do get some answers, to why this was meant to happen, and i have a feeling that a sequel could be a perfect way to explain more, and especially show how the main character Carly can continue her life, as the snake queen. Medusa: Queen Of The Serpents definetely have a plot that stands out, from most independent horror films. Are there any problems with this film? I would probably say that there are some dialogue scenes that may feel a bit drawn out. But this film does look good, and i do enjoy the plot, for the most part. Director Matthew B.C. have definetely made a film that tries to give a different portrait of the classic greek mythology character Medusa, with a complete different twist than the old stories of her. I appreciate that he tried to tell a story of Medusa, that we have not seen before. Even if there are issues with this film that could have been improved, i do feel that Medusa: Queen Of The Serpents have something to offer, especially to fans of independent horror films. One thing is for sure, we need to see actress Megan Purvis back as Medusa in a sequel, i have a feeling there is much more to tell with her character, and this film gives a good introduction.

Rating: DDD

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